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The 3 and a half hour, 2 hour ride… – Geek Turned Athlete

The 3 and a half hour, 2 hour ride…

Hello!  It was a very tiring day today!  I started the morning off with 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter and jelly, a glass of water, and half of a banana.  I needed to be fueled for my 2 hour ride planned this morning with a group of riders from my spin class.DSC02167 There aren’t too many options at the commissary for all natural peanut butter, but this Skippy works for me.  I love how all natural pb has nothing in it but peanuts, but I hate how it doesn’t spread easily.  For the rest of the time that we are in Germany, I will have to live with this Skippy Natural that is very easily spreadable.  When we move back to states in a year and a half, I’m definitely switching back to organic pb!  I LOVE this type of fruit fruit spread.  There is nothing artificial about what is in this jar.  They use apple juice to sweeten the spread.  I think it is from Italy and organic.  The flavor this morning?  Cherry!  It actually had chunks of real cherry in it!

DSC02168On to the ride!  It was beautiful out!  We had to make a few adjustments just outside of base.  This is the amazing cyclist/spin instructor, Tricia!  She helped keep me in cycling shape over this past winter when the roads were too icy.  She also is the one who encouraged me to get my group fitness/spin instructor certification the end of September.DSC02173 We rode by a school house, and a goat decided he wanted to play too!DSC02176 He was so cute!!! DSC02178 Hello!!!  I was smiling at this point because I was the first one up a tough hill! DSC02180



Sometimes, I have to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming.  I can’t believe that I live here!  It is like this everywhere around Ramstein AFB.  We ended up getting a little lost, and there were people from all different riding levels so there was some waiting involved on this ride.  Although the scenery was beautiful, I was ready to get home after 3 hours of riding since I didn’t bring any extra food with me (an hour more than was anticipated at this point).  I was sick of Shot Bloks, and I just wanted a huge bowl of pasta!  We finally made it back to base safe and sound 3 and a half hours after we started!

This afternoon, I worked on putting some new puncture resistant tubes on my bike.  I have another long ride scheduled for Friday!  Happy riding!!

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