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10 Things on a 10 Mile Run – Geek Turned Athlete

10 Things on a 10 Mile Run

DSC02541 Good morning/afternoon, everyone! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day!  The hubby has the day off, so we have been hanging out for most of the day so far!  I slept in until 8am today which is unheard of!  My body needed it.  I got out the door around 11:30am for my 10 miler.  Here is what I packed in my camelback besides my cell phone and my camera: Shot Bloks, TP, and chapstick.DSC02542 

Here are 10 things that I saw/ thought about on the course:

1. ~2.3 miles in: Hi Cows!!! DSC02544

2. I’m tired already, and I still have 7 and a half miles left!DSC02545

3. It is sooooo beautiful here!!  I can’t believe I live here!DSC02547

4. I can’t believe someone dumped their TV here!!!  It was probably an American!  And you know what?  It was!  I checked the voltage- 110w!DSC02548

5. ~ 4 miles in.  Oh my gosh, be calm stomach!  There have been a few vehicles through here today!  I can’t make a pit stop outside!!DSC02550

6.  Desperate times call for desperate measures!  Find a good spot away from the road.  This will do.  Why do I have to be afflicted with the Runners Runs??!!!  I am SO HAPPY that I brought TP with me!!DSC02551 

7. Much better now!  Wow, this view is amazing!!!DSC02556 

8. This is the biggest snail that I have ever seen!  It is the size of my fist!DSC02558

9. Almost done, almost done!  3 more miles to go!  Deer!!!  Hi, deer!!DSC02562 DSC02566 DSC02569 (This is the sign on the running/biking trail.)  It tells you what village you are heading towards.  I’m headed for Steinwenden at this point. )

DSC02570 DSC02573

10. I can’t believe I live here!  The scenery and temperature was perfect today! 

I finally finished a very slow 10 miles at a 9:49min/mile pace.  I was singing out loud the last mile along the running path.  It felt good to be done!!! 

DSC02574When I got home, I stretched, took a shower, and made this incredible salad with broiled “cheesies.”  I was starving!  The salad contained:

  • butter lettuce, spinach, baby greens
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • fresh corn
  • red onion
  • avocado
  • shrimp
  • homemade lemon olive oil dressing


For the “cheesies,” I just put some cheddar in between two corn tortillas, sprayed some nonstick cooking spray on the outside of the tortilla, and broiled them until brown on both sides.  I grew up with fried cheesies, and this is a much healthier option!

How is everyone else’s Labor Day going?  Any cool plans?

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  • marit c-l September 7, 2009, 6:48 pm

    Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I LOVE your photographs – absolutely fantastic!! Your run looks wonderful – beautiful scenery and absolutely inspiring for a long, solid run. :) And that snail – wow. Ha!

    Keep up the GREAT work! Nice to “meet” another military spouse that does triathlon… YEA!!!! Thanks for sharing.

    As for our Labor Day plans…I picked up donuts for My Other Half (and myself)…going for a long run later…and – just checked with the hubby and he doesn’t have anything planned. Maybe the beach? Or a walk along the beachwalk at sunset – you never know… :) We’ll see! Have a GREAT day!

  • marit c-l September 8, 2009, 8:41 am

    Hey there (again!)

    I totally think you can do the HIM, if you want. Next summer? Not a problem. Let’s see…before my first Half (Oceanside 2006), I think I had been racing for maybe a year? Or something like that… I actually signed up because I wanted to do something when Nathaniel was gone for his first deployment. I figured that doing a race of that distance would be a good distraction. (And it was!)

    You can most definitely do it!

    The biggie is just putting some solid time on the bike and adding some more running mileage (although I don’t know what you’re doing right now – so its hard to tell). In my opinion – the difference between training for an Oly and HIM is 1) in the long rides and 2) different kinds of speedwork. But the volume itself is pretty much the same. (Again – this is verrry general and from my own experience). Things “heat” up when you double the distance to the Full IM. Then there is MUCH LESS speedwork and a lot more ‘time’ (running, in the saddle, in the pool – etc).

    But if you’re interested – GO FOR IT. And the fact that you’ve got two friends who (it seems) are also interested – even better. I have to admit that training partners are absolutely fantastic. One of the awesome things about triathlon are the people – really good people (for the most part, although there are always a few ‘bad apples’. But that’s like life in general!)

    Send me an email any time – I’m at: mchrislaut@aoldotcom. I would be happy to help with any questions at all!

    Have a GREAT day!


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