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Bazaar is taking Over My Life! – Geek Turned Athlete

Bazaar is taking Over My Life!

If you have been wondering where I have been, this is where: At my Public Raffle booth at the Bazaar!

People buy tickets and put them in the little canisters next to the item that they want to win.  All the money goes back towards the community.  So far, we are up by 150% from last year.  Yay!!  I am there from 8am to 9-10pm.  It is all worth it though!


DSC02725 DSC02726 DSC02727 DSC02728

We look exhausted, don’t we?!


At the end of the night, counting the money…Pretty good for $1 a ticket!!DSC02732 DSC02733

The dinner of champions… Teriyaki chicken with rice at 9:30 at night.DSC02734

Um yeah, I’m craving veggies like crazy.  I’ve been eating carnival food for the past two days!!  Maybe, I’ll bring my lunch tomorrow!

Don’t worry, I will post more tomorrow!!  Have a good night! :)

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