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Bernkastel Kues Wine Festival – Geek Turned Athlete

Bernkastel Kues Wine Festival

I decided to forget about what had happened at the race today, and enjoy myself.  Yes, I worked hard at training for this triathlon, and things did not go well with the course, but I didn’t want it to ruin my night.  I decided to drown my sorrows in wine (well, at least two glasses of wine ;)), good friends, and good food at the Bernkastel Kues Wine Festival.  Bernkastel Kues is about an hour and a half from Cologne, and about an hour from our house near Ramstein.


We were starving when we showed up, and decided to get a pork steak with a sauerkraut salad.  I love how they cook the steaks on a big grill suspended over a fire pit! 

DSC02500 DSC02501

And, I had some mineral water and some “trocken” (dry) reisling. 


We stopped by a cute little wine shop that had their wine in cute little glass holders.



I’m trying to finish my water so I can get another glass of wine in the next pic.  For those of you who have not gone to a German wine festival, to start out you pay a little extra for you first glass of wine.  This covers the cost of the glass.  When you leave, you just turn in your glasses and get 2.50 euro back in this case.

DSC02511 DSC02512

There were actually grapes growing on the vine covering some of the buildings.  I thought this was so cool!

DSC02513 DSC02520

I thought this pic was kinda funny.  The Hubby was getting mascara off my cheek for me!  I had to put my makeup on in the car on the way over there!  He is so sweet! 


Gelato!!!  Chocolate and “cookies".  Need I say more!!


Yes, this is a castle right above the festival.  When it got just a little darker, they started with the fireworks!  It was supposed to represent a battle between whomever was in the castle at the time, and Napoleon who attacked it.DSC02526

Check this out for some of the fireworks display!

When we left the festival, there were these drunk older people getting on their bikes to ride home along a road with the river on one side, and vineyards on the other.  I thought it was funny, beautiful and perfect! It is so funny living here sometimes.  One minute, I’m cursing the fact that I live here because of the differences in culture  and language barriers (ie. the race today), and the next I’m embracing and loving the differences.   Well, I’m going to bed.  It was a LONG, STRESSFUL day!

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  • Susan September 7, 2009, 1:23 am

    Hi Nicole, I am so proud of you. You are spectacular in all that you are doing. I love your blogs and your pictures. I had to quit my exercise program because I injured a tendon in my ankle. PT has helped a lot and I am ready to get back to exercising. Looking forward to seeing you and Steve next month. Love you both.
    Aunt Susan

  • Holly September 7, 2009, 8:26 pm

    oh my gosh…i loved this post. it makes me miss Europe so. you are so adorable…and that gelato is calling my name!


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