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Day Before AFAA Group Exercise Certification – Geek Turned Athlete

Day Before AFAA Group Exercise Certification

Hey guys!  I felt so much better this morning than I did yesterday.  I feel like my body is trying to fight something off, and I’ve been lucky enough to have fended it off so far.  Chugging water like crazy and breakfast probably helped…

I started my day off with this:DSC02839 

A buckwheat flax waffle with honey Greek yogurt, nectarine, blueberries, and raspberries.  It was amazing.  It was even better because I got to eat it with my hubby!  He had a doctor’s appt this morning and didn’t have to go into work until later. 


We haven’t had a weekend cuddling/breakfast session in quite a while, so I was happy to at least have breaky with him on a Friday.  He is currently on his way to Munich for Oktoberfest.  He has such a hard life, huh?? 

I have had one busy day with wedding finance stuff, weight lifting, and last minute cramming for my Group Exercise Certification that is tomorrow (yes, I know that’s bad!).  I’m a little jealous of my husband, but I’m glad that I’m getting certified this weekend along with a spin instructor class all day on Sunday.  It is about an hour away in Spangdahlem, and I plan on just staying in a hotel room for tonight and tomorrow since I have to be up there so early and late everyday.  Honestly, if I would have know this weekend was Oktoberfest, I wouldn’t have booked this, but considering I have spent over $300 for my certs this weekend, I’m going!!

I haven’t even packed yet, and I need to leave in about an hour.  I’ve got to go!  I will be taking lots of pictures, and I will have a complete recap when I get back.  I will try to post while I’m there, but I don’t know if I will have an internet connection.  I also need to tell you all about my new weight lifting program that is kicking my butt when I get back!!!  Happy Friday!! :)

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  • Holly September 26, 2009, 2:55 pm

    that waffle is gorge – looks sooo good! good luck with everything – i am feeling quite swamped too, but take things one by one and you will do fabulously!


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