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Do four days really matter? – Geek Turned Athlete

Do four days really matter?

Hey everyone!  I got to come home a couple of hours early today from the Bazaar.  So, more time for blogging!  I am also studying for my group fitness certification that is in a week tonight.  I LOVE the fact that I’m giving back to the community with all of this volunteering, but I can’t wait until this thing is over with so I can get back to my normal life in regards to eating and working out!  I had at least had some fruit this morning with my cereal.  Raspberries are so good with Kashi Autumn Wheat!  DSC02740

Then, I was off to the Bazaar!  At the Bazaar, I had a breakfast burrito, a fake gyro (sautéed chicken in a pita), and some more chicken teriyaki.  I miss my hummus and salads!  Yes, I could probably make my own food and bring it with me, but I’m SO TIRED when I get home.  Working 8am to 9:30pm kills me!  I’m sure that I’m walking 5-6 miles a day though.  I did take my Fig Newton’s, an orange, and some trail mix with me to snack on during the day, but I forgot that I had them!  I feel like passing out now, and it is only 7pm now!  haha.

This week’s workout schedule is ruined.  I have done only a few things on it.  I actually started crying to Steve about possibly not fitting into my dress with all of this stress that I’m having right now, and there not being enough hours in the day to workout.  I won’t get to try on my wedding dress until two weeks before the wedding since it is in Asheville, and I’m in Germany.  He was so calming, and just said to not worry about it for the next few days, and it wasn’t really going to make that much of a difference if I missed four days of working out.  (This was Wednesday night).  Why are guys so smart like that?  I knew ahead of time that these four days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) were going to be hard, and yet I still wanted to fit in 1 1/2  hour workouts a day.  Not going to happen with my schedule this week.  Why was I worried about something that I could not control, especially if it was just going to last for four days?!  Really, how big of a difference could not working out the way I want to for four days really make?  Not that big of a difference overall!  So, I have decided not to stress out about it anymore.  There is no reason to stress!

I need to get out of the mindset of all or nothing with working out as well.  Yesterday, I actually just did about 30 min of strength training moves, and felt good that I at least did those.  Tomorrow, I’m going to have time to run in the morning so that is all that I’m doing.  Starting Monday though, it is back to business!

Do you all ever stress out over things that you can’t control?

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  • Holly September 21, 2009, 3:15 am

    those raspberries are gorgey!

    i worry about things i can’t control all the time…but i always remember that my mom says, “You can’t worry about what you can’t control!”


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