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Exercise Lifts My Mood! – Geek Turned Athlete

Exercise Lifts My Mood!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!  Reading back over my post last night, it was kinda depressing, wasn’t it?  Yikes!  I hadn’t exercised for two days (Sunday and Monday), and it is amazing what it does to my mood when I don’t!  I’m much better today because of a 4 mile run around 6:30am and some weight lifting at home this afternoon.  I tried to go to the pool, but it is closed for the SECOND week in a row due to some algae problems!  Bummer!  I was really looking forward to stretching myself out long and lean in the water.  Oh well.  I’ll have to try to make it to yoga tomorrow night to do that!  And, I will have to move my workout schedule around.  It’s all about being flexible!  I’ll probably put in an extra upper body weight lifting session because of the missed pool time.

The run felt sooooo good this morning!  At first, I really didn’t want to get out of bed, after all, it was nice and cozy wrapped up in my comforter.  But I did, and went downstairs to finish off the rest of our jelly and English muffins.  I kept telling myself, You are going to regret it if you don’t!  You will feel so much better afterwards!  Just do it! Maggie wants to run too!  Maybe she will pass out when I leave for the day instead of chewing on household items…Well, that got me out the door in a hurry!  Early into the run, I was feeling a little nauseous (I don’t think I waited long enough between eating and running), but I stuck with it for a while, and it went away.  Maggie was so happy to be outside running, and I really wasn’t feeling it the first mile or so.  But she was hopping and running through the corn fields, so happy to just be outside running, I thought that I should be that way too!  I should be thankful that I am healthy enough to run, and that I live in a beautiful place like Germany to run!  I turned my mood around and pushed through the hills and loose dirt and got home in no time!  Maggie must have run 5 miles for my 4.  :)

After my run, I headed off to help set up my area for the Bazaar.  Because members of the committee are there from 7am to anywhere to 11pm, we have a “Hospitality” area where we eat.  Basically, a group of great women are in charge of feeding us all day!!  This committee is great, and they always make sure that we are happy and are loved!  The only thing that lacks are healthy snacking options.  For snacks, all they pretty much had today were rice crispy treats, fudge, cookies, and high fat muffins.  Let’s just say that it was a pretty bad snacky day for me!  Tomorrow, I’m going to take some healthy snacks with me like oranges, cheese sticks, and nuts.  Because I ate so poorly today (like 1 veggie/fruit for the entire day), I really felt like I needed a big salad tonight.


This thing was huge.  It consisted of fresh greens, basil, Pam cooking spray seared chicken and the leftover veggies with garlic sea salt and pepper,  roasted pine nuts, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, feta, avocado, and olive oil and vinegar dressing.  Yum!  I finished about 2/3 of it.  DSC02714

Just a reminder: You have one more day to enter the French Chocolate Giveaway for some FREE Chocolate!  To enter, just leave a comment on last Wednesday’s post telling me your favorite place to travel to and what you like doing there. :) Make sure that you comment by 12pm EST this coming Wednesday!  I will randomly pick a winner later that day at 2pm EST!

Are you ever in any bad snacky environments?  How do you combat them?

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  • Holly September 16, 2009, 4:29 pm

    bad snacky environments are the worst – sometimes i will either indulge or just say no. usually you can balance things out like you did with the salad. i figure since i am pretty good at getting in fruits and veggies, if i am low one day, that’s okay.

    happy wednesday lady!

  • AeroCardio March 9, 2010, 1:45 pm

    As always, this site provides the best of the best articles. I do home cardio myself. This is a great inspiration for my blogging 😉


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