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French Chocolate Giveaway!!! – Geek Turned Athlete

French Chocolate Giveaway!!!


Good Evening or Good Morning depending on where you are!!  I picked up some French chocolate last week, and I wanted to give it away to one of my readers in appreciation for reading my blog!  I just started this thing about 2 and a half weeks ago, and I have had so much support from the blogging community that I wanted to say, “Thanks!!”  It is all dark chocolate ranging from 64% to 70% cocoa, and about a two months supply (200 grams per a bar, 5 bars)!  It is soooooo good, and to tell you the truth, my husband was upset that I was giving it away!  He wanted to eat it, and he is not a sweets person.  THAT is how good it is!  I usually eat one or two squares with a little glass of milk, and it is so satisfying!  I LOVE French chocolate! To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite place to travel to and what you like doing there. :)  Please try to get in your comments by 12pm EST next Wednesday!  I will randomly pick a winner later that day at 2pm EST.  Good luck!

I also wanted to address a question that was recently emailed to me by a reader:

“So since you’re a runner, I wanted to ask you if running everyday is bad for me especially because I’m new to running? …I’m doing 1.5-2 miles in the morning and another 2 in the evening…what do you think?”

First of all, thanks for writing in.  I am not an expert on running by any means, but running for the past 6 almost 7 years, I have learned a lot!  I don’t run every day.  REST DAYS are your friend!  You can start to have overuse issues if you don’t take it slow when getting back into running or just starting out.  The general rule of thumb is to increase your weekly mileage by 10% at the most.

Two a days are great if you don’t have time in the mornings to complete everything that you need to complete, however, if you are going from doing nothing to doing 4 miles a day everyday, you are putting yourself at risk for injuries.  I would suggest going on Runners World. com and clicking on tools, then Smart Coach.  Once there, you can get an individualized training plan based on how often you run and your race times.  If you don’t have any race times yet, test yourself.  Run as fast as you can for a mile.  Use that time for the website, and enter it in.  I use this even when I don’t have a running race that I’m training for.  It helps keep me motivated and on track with my running.  I am one of those people who LOVES having a workout schedule typed out!  I run 3-4 times a week, and cross train on other days.  I take one or two full rest days a week.  Trust me, your body will thank you!

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  • Marisa September 9, 2009, 8:47 pm

    Thanks so much for this post…definitely helpful!!! BTW where did you purchase the chocolate??? Looks good 😉 Keep up the great work, I love reading your blogs.

    • Nicole September 10, 2009, 7:25 am

      Cora, it’s amazing!!!! Yes, it smells like fish, stinky cheese, and cigarettes (that’s the french), but it is worth it! Great chocolate, seafood, 2 aisles for wine, 2 aisles for cheese, chocolate mousses…

  • Laura R September 10, 2009, 1:20 am

    Hi! I just started reading yesterday and the fact that you live in Europe and are a runner immediately interested me. My favorite place to travel would be the Netherlands. After going the past 2 summers I have just fallen in love. Love the way of life there, the biking everywhere, and how close it is to other countries. Driving to visit Germany, Belgium, and France was easy as can be. Hope to win some European chocolate, after returning from there 3 weeks ago I am already out!

    • Nicole September 10, 2009, 7:23 am

      Thanks for visiting the blog! I am really enjoying Europe as well! You are so right when you say that everything is close! I ran the Prague half marathon, and it was only 6 driving hours away! Crazy!! Well, if you are here next summer, and I am here too (you never know with the military!), email me!

  • The Big Blue Dog September 10, 2009, 2:17 pm

    Yum yum! Thanks for the chance to win!

    My favorite place to travel is Huron,Ohio! My family has a house on Lake Erie and we all go there every summer. We water ski, play tennis, and just relax together! It’s the best R&R.

  • Holly September 10, 2009, 9:16 pm

    ahhhh i don’t know how i missed this giveaway – i will add it to the this and that post, don’t you worry.

    ahhhh travel, the one great love in my life. my two fave places in the world are london + laos. however, i want to go to argentina soooooo bad!

  • fitforfree September 10, 2009, 9:22 pm

    Awesome giveaway!! And tough question! I love traveling to the mountains and hiking … esp. the Rockies :-)

  • Leah September 10, 2009, 9:48 pm

    What a great giveaway, and an awesome blog! I think my favorite place to travel, well i hope it will be, is sicily, and when i’m there i will visit my family, and explore all of the little towns

  • Evan Thomas September 10, 2009, 10:26 pm

    I love the Greek Isles, they’re amazingly beautiful and have great local cuisine.

  • Tay September 10, 2009, 10:38 pm

    I love traveling to my cabin because it’s such a relaxing breather to lay on the lake and get away from it all!

  • Brandi September 10, 2009, 11:01 pm

    My favorite place to travel to is Paris France and I like just walking around the city and soaking in the sights!

  • Brandi September 10, 2009, 11:02 pm

    Sorry my website was wrong in the previous comment. Check my blog out too!

  • Morgan (lifeafterbagels) September 10, 2009, 11:50 pm

    NYC is the best, you can do anything there; shopping, shows, galleries or just sit in central park.

  • Chelsea September 11, 2009, 2:15 am


  • Jocelyn September 11, 2009, 3:11 am

    I’d love to go back to Norway; the beauty is astounding. I’d hike to a waterfall or just linger at an outdoor cafe…mmm..

  • Aileen September 11, 2009, 3:21 am

    What a great giveaway! My favorite place to travel is the beach — I love to swim, and just to relax on the beach and read while listening to the waves crash. Heaven!

  • Arielle September 11, 2009, 3:20 pm

    I am drooling over the chocolate already!

  • AshleyP September 14, 2009, 9:54 pm

    I love to take road trips with my mom and my aunties!! Usually we go to the Smokey Mountains. It’s so much fun- they’re family, so it’s so comfortable. We don’t usually have a plan- just whatever looks fun along the way! We have found some great restaurants, wineries, and adventures this way :)

  • Allison (Eat Clean Live Green) September 15, 2009, 4:01 am

    Just found your blog! That chocolate sounds amazing.

    My favorite place to travel to is anywhere warm + beachy!

  • Freddie September 15, 2009, 7:44 am

    ooh how delicious looking!
    favorite place to travel? Any European City really- I love shopping, especially at flea markets and thrift type stores and going to museums and the theater :) I’m a true city kid- can’t ever get that out of me

  • Catherine September 15, 2009, 2:01 pm

    My favorite place to travel is Duck, NC. My family travels to the Outer Banks every summer. There’s just something about being at the beach that’s relaxing. I love waking up super early to run then take a walk on the beach. There’s barely anyone else up, & it’s kind of magical.

  • Eileen March 7, 2011, 12:02 pm

    chocolate! love it, got to have it everyday.. just a little piece!

  • john March 10, 2011, 4:12 am

    Any clean beach where I can listen to the surf…and for a brief period do NOTHING!!!


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