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Mini BRICK - Geek Turned Athlete


I woke up to this:  RAIN!DSC02337


This is definitely a hoodie and tea day! 

This is my favorite kind of honey now.  I get it in the German produce markets here.  It’s whipped honey.  LOVE IT!DSC02341

DSC02343 DSC02350 It just dissolves in water after a few stirs.

The only good kind of tea that I can find at the commissary here…DSC02347

Ahhhh, teeeeeeeaaaaa…..DSC02359

Today, I had my last BRICK before my tri race this weekend.  It was tiny!  A 30 minute ride with a 10 minute run.  Besides the 25 mile/hour winds (literally!), it was good.  Yes, I almost got blown off the road a few times and into a corn field, but I felt good.  There is really nothing else that I could have done to prepare for this race.  Yes, I missed a few workouts here and there, but things come up (and they always will).  Whether I feel slow or fast on Saturday, at least I know that I have done all that I could to train for this thing!

Here is my mini transition area.  I forgot to put my hat out.DSC02364


Afterwards, leftovers from dinner and lunch from yesterday…DSC02370 DSC02371

mmmmm…  It was really good.  I warmed the shrimp up in the oven so it was just as crunchy as it was last night, and added some feta to my salad.

Today, I have watched a couple of my lectures, and picked up the house a little bit.  I still have to:

  • get the evites out for the Bazaar Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon that I’m planning
  • Swim Workout (1700 meters)
  • pick up random stuff for dinner at the commissary
  • watch another lecture
  • study for my group fitness instructor cert for the end of September

I also just got an email from my yoga instructor.  Because there is no class on Monday (Labor Day), she will be having a 2 hour class tomorrow.  It will focus on abs and hip openers the first hour, and then stretching a lot the next hour.

Do you all think that I should go even though I should be tapering, and my race is Saturday?

Another giveaway!!!  Jenna from Eat Live Run is giving away a cookbook called Clean Food.  It looks to be mostly vegan, but still tasty recipes!  She is picking the winner around 10pm EST!  Check out her site for details!

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