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On Our Way!!! – Geek Turned Athlete

On Our Way!!!

I am currently sitting in the passenger terminal at Ramstein AFB, Germany.  I had the miss the luncheon that I have been planning for the past few months, and I feel terrible about it.  I had to take this flight because there is no guarantee when the next one will be!!  I have a great partner, and I know that she will do a great job today!  Thank you, Kelly!! 

We have just checked our bags in for Space Available travel to Charleston.  For those of you who are not aware of Space A, it is basically a free way for military members and their dependents to travel.  By the way, I hate that I’m called a “dependent,” but that is another post entirely.  If there is space available on a military flight basically going just about anywhere, you can jump on the flight.  Oh, and I did I mention that is is FREE!!!!  Of course, once we get to Charleston, we will have to rent a car and drive to Asheville, but Space A saves us A LOT of money especially if we are going to the east coast. :)  Here are some old pics of another space A flight that we took this year.  In the first pic, I’m flipping Steve off for wanting to take pictures.  I’m a feisty one!  The second is the show the space in the back of a C-17.  We just lay our sleeping bags out, pop a Tylenol PM, and sleep.  There is so much room to spread out!  I prefer to travel this way over commercial any day!DSC01149DSC01157  DSC00660 DSC00659

Why are we headed to the states?  OUR WEDDING!!  Why am I getting married again to the same guy a year and a half after our first wedding?  That is a very good question, and I would be happy to answer it for you!  Steve and I lived in Tucson together (unmarried, the shame!!) until he got orders to go to Germany with a months notice.  We had already been together for 3 and a half years at that point, and although we wanted to get married eventually, we didn’t really want to do it at that time.  We both wanted a big wedding, and time to plan it.  However, we didn’t want to be separated for 3 years while he was in Germany and I was in Tucson.  So, we decided to hit up the Justice of the Peace and plan the wedding that we wanted later.  It ended up working out great!  Here are some pics of our first wedding:

I was so nervous!!!PC070243

Our friends and fam waiting!7 14

The pics are horrible!  We are taking much better pics this time around.  Afterwards, we went to our favorite Ethiopian restaurant where you ate with your hands and brought your own wine.  It was perfect because it was soooo us!!

We are getting married again at the Biltmore in Asheville, NC in two weeks!!  We are super excited to be able to share our union with our family and friends that weren’t able to make it the first time around!  Just a sneak peak:Ceremony


These aren’t pictures of our wedding because it hasn’t happened yet, but they are to just give you an idea of the venue!!  Beautiful!!  The flight should take about 9-10 hours.  I will try to post again as soon as I can!

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  • Emily Elizabeth October 2, 2009, 2:03 pm

    How exciting! The wedding venue looks beautiful. I can’t wait to read and hear more about it.

    Love seeing the pictures of the Space Available travel! I always wondered about that.

    Wishing you safe travels :)

  • AshleyP October 2, 2009, 2:17 pm

    I love the Biltmore! I stayed at the Inn two years ago, it is amazing!! Great food, too :)

    Best wishes!!

  • holly October 2, 2009, 5:26 pm

    SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU! you were a gorgeous bride then and i know you will be now too!

    ummmm….i am loving that airplane accomodation! i would take that over regular flying anyday!


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