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Pentagon Tour and Awards Ceremony – Geek Turned Athlete

Pentagon Tour and Awards Ceremony

The phone ring blared this morning at 5am, and we were startled awake.  I thought that we just closed our eyes.  Could it really be 4 and a half hours later!!!  We got in extremely late last night, and we were so exhausted this morning.  I still managed to look semiprofessional this morning before heading out the door…  DSC03112

I sort of hobbled to the metro because my legs were STILL sore from Wednesday’s resistance workout.  Crazy.  We had to go to an awards ceremony in the Pentagon, then stay for a tour afterwards.  The ceremony actually went pretty well- quick, fast, perfect!  They had Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts there.  We were starving, and since we left the hotel before they were serving breakfast (5:45am), we pretty much took what we could get.  We both enjoyed a glazed chocolate cake doughnut with some coffee.  I have to say, I haven’t had a glazed chocolate cake doughnut in years, and this was awesome.  Well worth the wait for sure!

This is us afterwards:  We were starving, and exhausted.  We just wanted to eat REAL food at this point!DSC03113

We walked over the Soho Cafe right across from our hotel, and I pretty much went crazy.DSC03114

Plus, sushi!  I can’t get good sushi in Germany, so this was certainly savored!DSC03115 I didn’t eat anywhere near what I served myself, but it was so good!!

After lunch, we went back to the hotel room and took a nap.  We needed it! 

After the nap, we were off to meet one of my bridesmaids in the Dupont Circle area of D.C.  We had dinner at Lavants.    The wine was okay.DSC03119 DSC03118The calamari and bread was amazing!!!  I’m glad that I filled up on that stuff because my meal was NOT good! DSC03120

I ordered a lamb kabob, but it was way toooo spicy for me to even finish.  I had one of Steve’s lamb chops, a little bit of the rice, and all of the soggy broccoli.  That piece of bread looking thing underneath the kabob is supposed to be a pita.  This was NOT a pita.  I was disappointed!  I LOVE Mediterranean food, but I haven’t been able to find a good place to go to lately!DSC03121DSC03123

After our mediocre dinner, we stopped by Afterwords Cafe for dessert.  It is a really popular bookstore and cafe in the area.DSC03134

We wanted a taste of everything, so we all shared key lime pie,DSC03128 Flourless chocolate cake, DSC03130 and Peanut Butter pie.  All of the pieces of pie had a dollop of fresh whip cream next to it.  DSC03131 They were all really good, but the last one was the best! 

Here is a sneak peak of what is to come tomorrow at our red dress run (the boys had to make sure their dresses fit for tomorrow)…I have no idea what Steve is doing in this pic.  hahaDSC03117 Anyone doing anything fun this weekend??

Sweet Dreams!!!!

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