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Visit at the in-laws: Aiken, SC – Geek Turned Athlete

Visit at the in-laws: Aiken, SC

DSC02915 We finally took off from the Ramstein PAX terminal around 11:30am Germany time.  That is 5:30am for you east coasters!


Once on the plane, we broke out the sleeping bags and magazines/books to get ready for our 9 and a half hour flight!  That is Steve in the green sleeping bag.

DSC02920 DSC02921

I finally got to catch up on my Runner’s World magazines and didn’t sleep at all…DSC02919

After about 5 hours on the flight, I got a strong urge to run 10 miles!!  I was ready to be off the plane!!!  When we finally landed, we took a taxi to Charleston International Airport and rented a car.  We could either drive to Asheville, NC  (4 hours away) to get started on wedding stuff right away or drive to Aiken, SC (2 and 1/2 hours away) to say hi  to Steve’s parents.  We were starving and were missing the fam, so we decided for the latter. 

We ended up meeting them at a restaurant called Up Your Alley.  It is a cute little quaint restaurant in historic downtown Aiken.  My stomach had been giving me issues (ie. sharp stomach pains), so I didn’t want anything too heavy or bready.  By the way, I have no idea what causes this, but I think that I have a food allergy.  I did want to try a crab soup since I am now in the states, so I ordered the She Crab soup.


I’m sorry if this seems snobbish, but, well actually I don’t care.  I’ll openly admit that I am a food snob.  This soup was NOT good.  There was a few crusty spots on the the top of the soup from sitting out too long before they took it out to the table.  And it was a little more fishy tasting than what I was in the mood for.  Steve and I shared it, and we didn’t even eat half of it. 

As for the blackened shrimp salad, it was okay.  The poppyseed dressing was really good, but the shrimp was cold and tasted like spicy charcoal.  I could not taste the shrimp at all.  I finished about half of it.DSC02928

If you are ordering steak at this restaurant then you are safe.  Steve really enjoyed his steak, but I don’t recommend the soups or the salads!

We ended up getting home around 10pm, and I was drunk exhausted (stumbling around and slurring w/o having a drop of alcohol) at that point being that it was 4am Germany time. 

I woke up around 3:30am local SC time, and that is why I’m blogging now!  We are off to Asheville, NC later today!

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