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I Cheated… – Geek Turned Athlete

I Cheated…

Let me explain from the beginning…

Today is day 2 of my vegan “week” which happens to be only 4 days.  I am an omnivore, so I thought that this was going to be very hard.  I am documenting all my food intake during this 4 day period to keep myself honest about the Vegan Challenge. 

Today started off with a bowl of Life cereal (which is vegan) and soymilk this morning .  Sorry, no pic.  I sort of stumbled downstairs at 5:45 this morning to teach a spin class, and the camera was the furthest thing from my mind.  After I got home from spin and errands I snacked on some trail mix.DSC03809

For lunch, I had a wonderful gooey grilled hummus, tomato, and basil sandwich, DSC03810

red pepper slices with more hummus, the rest of the tomato, and half an orange.  It was so filling and perfect!  I was afraid that vegan food wouldn’t be filling, let me tell you, it is!DSC03813

Mmmmmm.  I told my husband about my sandwich today, and he asked me if I thought anything was missing from the sandwich.  I said nothing.  Then he said, “BACON!”  Yes, sure this would have tasted great with bacon, but really, that was the furthest thing from my mind.  I even forgot about the Havarti cheese that was in my fridge waiting to be used for this purpose!DSC03814

Dinner.  So, this is where the cheating comes in.  My friend, Renee, has been telling me for weeks that she wanted to make a great Greek dinner for me (Greek food is my favorite type of food besides New Mexican).  I agreed to this dinner (including the meat) long before the notion of a 4 day stint with veganism came to my mind.  For that reason, I could not be rude after I agreed to this dinner, and put the meat and the taziki that I specifically requested a week ago aside.  Seriously, how rude would that be?

Here was here beautiful setup!DSC03817

Dinner consisted of a wonderful Greek saladDSC03819

Spinakopitas that Kelly insisted on putting up with the pretty chandelierDSC03824

Dolmades and olivesDSC03826


The only good kind of Greek wine (or so that is what Renee says ;))DSC03830


Honey sesame crackers with biscottiDSC03832

I love how cute her kitchen is!DSC03833

and the worse part… lamb.  It was really good though.  I know these pieces looked really big, but they were really small, and I think that I only got about 3 oz of meat off of one.DSC03838

My running partners: Kelly and ReneeDSC03840

My plate:DSC03842

I really didn’t consider tonight a total loss because I talked about “Vegan Week” with the girls and their husbands and why it was going on.  We had some very interesting conversation, and I’m happy to have friends who are open minded.  :)

Well, I’m going to bed (8 mile run in the morning), but before I go I wanted to bring up an important training tool that I use all the time.  I am a big fan of the foam roller, and had a article today about it!   They didn’t demonstrate foam rolling your IT band, which is what I usually use it for, but they did demonstrate some other very helpful moves for runners!  If you are a runner, this will help you stay pain free!!

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