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Scared of Vegan “Week”… - Geek Turned Athlete

Scared of Vegan “Week”…

First off, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the kind comments from yesterday’s post!  Trust me guys, I’m fine, I’m just blah!  However, it keeps getting better day by day, and today was a perfect example of that!

It has been a wonderful semi-productive day.  I actually went to my last ROSC Welfare meeting today, then a sort of end of the year luncheon.  It was bitter sweet!  I will not involved with ROSC (Ramstein Officer Spouses Club) next year.  I have many reasons for this, but at the top at the list would be I need more time to do things that I love!  I only have about 7-8 months left in Europe.  I will have a full time load of grad school next semester, teaching spin, volunteering with other stuff including my hubby’s squadron plus lots of traveling.  I love the fact that I have helped give back to the community for my couple years that I have been here, and I still plan on volunteering, but it won’t be with ROSC next year.  The welfare committee is a great group of women who care about our military community, and I hope they get a group of women next year who work just as hard as we did this year.  But…I am really excited to have some more time on my hands!

I also managed a short run this afternoon.  It was actually sunny out today and very windy.  I will take it!  If it is sunny I don’t care how cold it is, and I will run!  Here in Germany during the winter if it is sunny, you better get your butt outside b/c you don’t know when it will be sunny again!  I never took the sun for granted (living in NM and AZ) until I moved here!  Here are some pics from the run!  DSC03757






DSC03781 These pics were taken around 4pm.  It gets dark early here!!

I also got to try out my new shoes on my run!!  DSC03765 Steve and I ordered new running shoes about a month ago from Brooks, and we finally got them this week.  They felt great!!  I’m not too excited about the color, but I’m more for function than beauty when it comes to running shoes.   Just in case you are interested, they are the Adrenaline ASR 6.  🙂  They were actually really helpful when I ran through mud later in the run.DSC03766 In addition to these trail runners, I also bought some road running shoes that are much better looking (pics will be coming of those too) ! 🙂

To change the subject quite abruptly, I was getting caught up on my blog reading today while I was waiting for my food to digest before my run, and I noticed that Vegan Week already started on Monday.  For some reason, I thought that it started on Thursday.  I guess there are a lot of bloggers who are trying this challenge, and I thought that I would give it a whirl.  I love any kind of dairy (hello, I live in Europe and have been known to dance in the French supermarkets that have TWO aisles just for cheese), meats (have you not seen my dress rehearsal pics of the pig?), yogurt, and basically any other animal product that you can think of.  This will definitely be a huge challenge, but I’m curious to see if I can do it, and what I will feel like.  I plan on starting tomorrow and following through until Monday.  I will be recording everything I eat from Thursday to Monday including my trials and tribulations of eating vegan.  I’m kinda scurred, but like I said before, I am very curious and it is only for 4 days.   Are you up for the challenge? A lot of other people are just doing it for one day.  Try it on Thursday (which is the day that everyone is doing it if it is just going to be one day)! It’s only for one day!! 🙂

I wanted to mention that Holly is doing wonderful things on her blog.  I donated to her cause today!  Have you done your good deed for the day/week? Wanna donate to build a well for clean drinking water in Cambodia?

Let me know what you decide with Vegan “Week” or Day!!!

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  • Erica November 19, 2009, 12:17 pm

    Hey girl! Glad your day went well 🙂 BEAUTIFUL pictures from the run and I like the new shoes (isn’t getting new workout shoes the best???). Not a dumb question at all about me being a veggie 🙂 YES, I am but it was a gradual move. I went pesca probably 8 months or so ago and then went full veggie about 3 months ago. I eat almost (ALMOST) an entirely vegan diet with one major exception- milk in my coffee! I just haven’t found that any of the alternatives taste the same (and I’m not big on soy milk due to all the bad stuff surrounding soy). I also occasionally have cheese. I’m looking down at my coffee with milk in it right now and am thinking vegan day isn’t happening 🙂 But I think its a wonderful idea! Hope today treats you well

  • Holly November 19, 2009, 8:18 pm

    thanks SO MUCH for the linkback girl! i used to be scared of vegan, but then once i went vegan for a couple months, it isn’t that bad. i missed my dairy, which is one of the reasons i couldn’t do it. however, it forces you to get creative which i love!!!!

    have a good day, and gorge pics as always!!!

  • Dr. J November 19, 2009, 8:59 pm

    First time visitor here! I lived in France for a while (Nancy) while studying craniofacial surgery at the large regional hospital there. I remember the aisles of cheese 🙂 One for each day of the year, at least!

    Have friends in northern Germany so I visited them a few times and Ich liebe Deutchland!

    New running shoes are a treat! Thanks for reminding me to order some, I use Brooks also!


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