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Wedding Weekend Recap Part 2: Rehearsal Dinner – Geek Turned Athlete

Wedding Weekend Recap Part 2: Rehearsal Dinner

This is part 2 of 5 of our wedding weekend.  We finally got some more pictures in the mail yesterday!  These are not our professional pics, but Steve’s dad was great enough to send us all 450 of his from that weekend.  I wrote Part 1 with a very limited supply of pictures.  So, here we go…


Our rehearsal dinner was at a friend’s farm.  The farm house (above) was built in 1885.  Sean and Uncle John (Sean’s uncle), if you are out there, thank you so much!!  They had really cute goats and kids (baby goats) there.   DSC_0005


Our nephew, Tyler, was loving it.  So were the goats…



The last one has to be one of our fav pics of Tyler and the goats.  The goat is just lovin’ him up. :)  So cute!

For our rehearsal dinner, we wanted to roast a pig and have a big bonfire.  They had to start a day early because the pig was so big.  Here are the guys getting the roaster ready…DSC_0029

Steve, practicing to be a dad with our newborn niece.DSC_0107

For all you vegetarians/vegans out there, beware, these next few pics might disturb you.  Here the guys are unloading the pig…


Here is my sister-in-law’s look of horror as they started unwrapping the pig to get it ready to roast…. hahaDSC_0119

Yes, yes, oh the horror.  Our family has a sense of humor, I guess.  I wasn’t there for this at all. DSC_0128

Again, this was the night before the rehearsal dinner.  The method of marinating the pig was a beer for me (the guys in this case), and a beer for the pig, and on and on…DSC_0148

The next day, we had the rehearsal at the Biltmore, and it was freezing!!!!  It was about 40 degrees out during the day.  At least it was still beautiful!! DSC_0151

We thought that we were going to have a tent up since the weather had been so nasty the few days leading up to this.  Notice everyone is freezing…and my husband doesn’t have his jacket on!DSC_0158

Now, he does…DSC_0159

After all that nonsense, we made our way back to the farm for some eatin’ and drinkin’!  Bonfire!!!DSC_0166

This is where the sexual harassment of John, my grandma’s wedding escort down the aisle, by my grandma started.  She called him Tom Cruise the entire time plus some other things you don’t want to know about!  His fiancé was a great sport about it!!  Sorry, Helen!!DSC_0168


My hubby seeing his long time family friend after a long while!  It was so great to see everyone!  DSC_0174

Sean, servin’ it up!DSC_0195

It ended up being a 200 pound pig before cooking.  So much meat!  We had about 90 people show up for the rehearsal dinner, and about 50 pounds of meat leftover afterwords.  We donated a lot of the leftover food to a nearby homeless shelter.  DSC_0188


Finally sitting down to eat!  It was so cold out, that by the time I served myself my food and sat down, everything was cold.  Needless to say, I didn’t really eat that much that night.DSC_0197

The cupcakes were delish though!  We had pumpkin, red velvet, carrot, peanut butter and chocolate, and lemon.  They were all to die for!  The peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes were the first to go though!  My camera was missing in action this night so I’m sorry I didn’t get any close-ups!  :(DSC_0194


We did our best stay warm.  Drinking helped…DSC_0228

And so did laughing around the bonfire!DSC_0242

I got to hold my niece for about an hour that night too.  She slept through everything!  DSC_0252

It was a great night.  For two weeks before our wedding, I had been running around like a crazy lady, and it was so good to relax and see our fam and friends.  Salud!  Stay tuned for Part 3!!

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  • The Big Blue Dog November 10, 2009, 5:55 pm

    Looks like a great time was had by all! Keep the pictures coming :)


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