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Cold Ass Temps, Running, Gluhwein, and Friends - Geek Turned Athlete

Cold Ass Temps, Running, Gluhwein, and Friends

Um yeah, when you have to look like a pair of bank robbers to stay warm, should you really be running outside?DSC05086

Renee came over yesterday morning for an 8.25 mile run.  I definitely would have foregone the run if I didn’t have her to run with.  When we started out, it was 5 degrees with a windchill of –4 degrees F.  Growing up in Albuquerque, I had never experienced these temperatures until yesterday.  It was cold and exciting at the same time!



About 25 minutes in, Renee looks over at me and starts laughing.  You look like Santa Claus! Haha.  I guess I did!  I can’t believe my eyebrows and eyelashes were freezing over!DSC05089

Everything was frozen over.  We saw a few people out shoveling snow, and decided to start counting all the funny looks that we were getting running outside looking like we did.  DSC05091

We counted 6 people looking at us like we were crazy.DSC05093

It was so cold that my mouthpiece for my camelback froze within the first 10 minutes of running.  I remembered to take a pic of it about an hour in.  Still frozen.  And the camera was really slow.  I guess the temp was affecting that too!



As if the cold wasn’t enough this morning my friends, Steve, and I decided to go to a little German gluhwein festival and 3K walk in the afternoon.  Keep in mind that it was still 5 degrees F at this point.


There were basically 4 food/wine stops along a 3K stretch of farm road from Rodenbach to Weilerbach.  This was the first stop.DSC05101

I started off with some peach schnapps.  Steve did not want anything to do with it!DSC05104

Then, some gluhweinDSC05105


Next stop…DSC05107

Steve’s double fisting it!  No, just kidding!  One of those is mine.  DSC05110

My leg looks so jacked-up in this pic. 🙂  I hyperextend my legs way too much!  It’s so bad for you!  I hope my physical therapist doesn’t see this!!  DSC05111

In Germany, and actually most of Europe, in most festivals they will serve the drinks in glasses, and you make a 2 euro deposit on the glass when you pay for the drink.  If you want your 2 euro back, then you just return the glass.  I wanted two of these cool mugs, so there were no refunds!DSC05113

The gluhwein is nice and frothy at the top!  Mmmmmm…DSC05114


People brought their dogs out, even the tiny ones!  I don’t know how they survived it.  It was freaking freezing!!DSC05116

On to the next stop!DSC05121

We actually passed right through the next stop b/c they only had one measly log on fire, and it wasn’t going to cut it.  We walked onward!

The last stop was worth it for this salmon.  This is such a good idea to cook salmon.  Steve and I are definitely stealing this idea for when we move to Spokane in 6 months!DSC05125

All they did was cut off a chunk of cooked salmon and slap it on a roll.  It was sooo good!!!  Plus, I was drunk at this point so I guess anything would have been good!DSC05127

They had a heater in this tunnel that helped just a little.  They were setting up for a concert in there a few hours later.DSC05129

Well, after the 3rd stop and being out in 5 degrees for 3 and a half hours, we decided to go home.  We still had a party to attend later that night.  I passed out for an hour while Steve and I cuddled underneath the covers.  Then we were off for my friend’s Christmas party!

Here was Katie’s spread of appetizers…DSC05135

I was still trying to hydrate at this point!  Steve enjoyed a few beers.  It was fun mingling!  DSC05137

A pic of Katie and I.  She is a little fireball of energy, and I’m so glad that I met her when I moved to Germany!  Thanks for the party, Katie!!  It was awesome!!DSC05138

Well, there you have it.  I had a very cold ass temp, active, partying Saturday!  Sometimes, I have to pinch myself to make sure my life isn’t a dream!  I LOVE my life, and I’m so thankful that I have people who support and love me in my life.  Of course, I think that decision to be happy comes from within and the people who I choose to be in my life.  There were a few people out with us yesterday who just had bad attitudes.  They always have bad attitudes.  They are never going to be happy because they don’t want to!  Life may throw some punches at you, but you have to choose what to do with them!    Anyway, that is my view on it. 😉

Today, I relaxed and cleaned a little.  It is snowing pretty bad right now, and I love the fact that I am inside and warm with Steve!  He bugged me to go out for a walk earlier, and we did.  It was cold, but it wasn’t that bad.  Besides, I always have fun with him.  It really doesn’t matter what we do.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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  • Michelle@Eatingjourney December 21, 2009, 2:20 pm

    That looks like so much fun. Oh man. And your!

  • Graze With Me December 21, 2009, 10:21 pm

    What a fun day, I love that idea for salmon, I bet it was soooo good. Drinking peach schnapps reminds me of high school…

    My cousin can do that with her legs, I do it too but my knees are really bad and I’m sure it doesn’t help!

    • Nicole December 22, 2009, 9:13 am

      It totally did for me too! What does that tell you about high school for us?? haha

  • Dale December 22, 2009, 1:17 am

    Thank you for taking me on a 3k festival walk. I miss the snow so much! Miss you both! Have a very Merry Christmas! Dad

  • Dawn (HealthySDLiving) December 22, 2009, 4:18 pm

    Aww what a great weekend–I can’t get over your eyelashes and eyebrows frosting up! lol I wish I could see some snow here in SD…I love it!!!

  • Erica December 22, 2009, 8:06 pm

    oh my goodness! You are a trooper going out running and walking in all that cold! Looks like fun though. Cute pics of you and the man. Hope you’re staying toasty over there 😉

    • Nicole December 22, 2009, 8:12 pm

      Thanks! He gets deployed very soon, and I’m going to miss him!!

  • Holly December 22, 2009, 9:03 pm

    this post made me so happy 🙂

    you have such a fabulous attitude, which is why i know we would totally be friends. maybe i missed the big announcement, but you are moving to spokane?!?! tell me more!

    we should definitely catch up soon – lots of love to you!

  • Susan January 7, 2010, 4:32 am

    Hi Nicole.

    I have looked at yours and Steve’s pictures several times throughly enjoying them. Yes, you a both loved very much and we miss you both very much. Take care with the running in these extreme temps so that you don’t injure your lungs.

    Aunt Susan


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