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Costa Cruise 2009: At Sea – Geek Turned Athlete

Costa Cruise 2009: At Sea

This is the last of the Costa Cruise 2009 series which was a recap of our 12 day cruise the beginning of December.  There were 4-5 days that we were at sea in between our “stops.”  These days were meant to be relaxing, and that is exactly what we did.  We ventured out onto the pool deck a few times in our swimsuits only to bundle up with clothing and towels 15 minutes later.  It was freezing!  So much for my tan that I was hoping for.  It was still beautiful, AND we both got to read “real” books instead of textbooks.  It was exciting!DSC05037

DSC05038 I did get a little color!  Trust me, I tried.  I would be out there shivering, covered in goosebumps in my swimsuit desperately trying to get rid of my bike tan lines (permanent dark thigh highs from this summer) and pale skin from the German winter. 

They had “gala” nights where you were supposed to dress up.  This is the last one.  Sorry for the crappy picture.  It seemed like everyone we asked to take a pic for us took a blurry one.  Oh well!DSC05031

Our table full of Americans.  We were really lucky with our tablemates.  We were nearly always the last ones to leave the restaurant because the conversation was so good.DSC05033


On the captain’s gala night, they brought out cakes with sparklers.  It looked really cool, but the cake was still half frozen when it got to our table, and it wasn’t supposed to be an ice cream cake.DSC05035

This was supposed to be a cupcake according to the menu.  It was a tart.  It was lost in translation I guess?DSC05040


We worked out about 4 times during our “at sea” days.  I couldn’t run on the treadmill for more than 10 minutes at a time on the ship.  I have no idea why, but it was driving crazy.  So, I mostly relied on the elliptical and the bike.  We did a lot of intervals like the dreaded “hour of power” where you switch off between the elliptical, bike, and/or treadmill for 6 minute segments for our hour.  Then, weights were after that.  I was craving riding my bike and running outside and swimming after the first week!

We both lost weight on this cruise which was the most frustrating part.  Aren’t you supposed to gain weight on a cruise?  My husband is skinny enough, and I was just happy with my weight.  The food was really bad most of the time, and we were just sick of it about 7 days in.  The day that Steve went back to work, everyone told him that he looked a lot thinner.  I lost weight, but to tell you the truth, I think most of it was just muscle.  We do plan on taking a cruise again in the near future, but we WON’T be taking a Costa Cruise again, and we WON’T be taking a 12 day cruise ever again.  Twelve days is way too long to be on a ship for. 

Overall, we had a great time!  We so needed a break from everything!  Our wedding was fun but busy, and we both had been working really hard- Steve with work, me with all my volunteer crap and school.

Thanks for taking a look at all of our vacation pics!!  I know there was a lot of them!! 

Missed other parts of the cruise?

This was a picture of our drive back through the Swiss Alps!DSC05056

Merry Christmas Eve!!

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