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Day After Christmas: Day Trip to Heidelberg - Geek Turned Athlete

Day After Christmas: Day Trip to Heidelberg

Since we spent all day yesterday inside watching movies, we were a little stir-crazy this morning.  So… we drove to Heidelberg!  It is only an hour away from us, and I really have no good excuse why I haven’t been there yet!  DSC05150

We headed towards the downtown area.  Well, it turns out that the Germans like to celebrate Christmas longer than the Americans, and almost all of the shops excluding half of the restaurants were closed.  Despite this, there were tons of people out!DSC05152

I almost fainted when we saw a Starbucks.  We don’t have one in our village, and I haven’t had Starbucks since we were in the states for our wedding.  We immediately went inside and ordered some chai tea lattes!DSC05155

We stopped off at a beautiful church that we forgot to take a pic of the outside of…DSC05157



We were hungry at this point, and decided on this little dark German joint…DSC05188

As you can tell, it had a very rustic feel.  We LOVED it!DSC05166


And of course, in true German fashion, everyone had their dogs with them.  The waiter even brought out a water bowl for the dog.  Normally, this happens in very chic cafes in the states, but this happens in every restaurant here.  I LOVE it!DSC05173

We ordered water, and I always crack up at the size of the glasses that they give us for water.  These were rocks glasses.DSC05175

Steve’s pork knuckle.  Yes, he just had that with a side of bread.  It was massive.DSC05177

I ordered the veggie flammenkuchen (German pizza).  The crust is super thin, and instead of red sauce, they use sour cream.  It was pretty good.DSC05179


After our late lunch, we headed towards the castle.  Yes, the castle overlooked the outdoor mall.  They are everywhere here!DSC05189

This is my “Come On, Steve!” look.DSC05192




This is inside of the castle.  Check out the view of the river below!DSC05203



We walked up a bunch of stairs and some switchbacks to get up to a level part on the mountain near the castle.DSC05218

The view from there:DSC05223



A part of tower fell off to the left.DSC05227

You see it more clearly now?  The Germans were using this castle during the war as headquarters, and the U.S. bombed the crap out of it.   They are working to rebuild some of it.



Some more walking around town…

DSC05239 DSC05242

Well, we felt the need for some beer at this point, so we stopped in here…DSC05267




It was a really cute bar, and they actually had a “love” seat that had a heart shaped back.  I made Steve sit in it at first, but then we moved b/c we weren’t getting any service in that area of the bar.  Steve was happy the heart shaped torture was over.DSC05245

The hubby tried some Heidelberg original beer.  It was basically a standard German dunkel.  He was missing his stouts and porters.  DSC05246

I changed my mind about the beer once we sat down and saw they had hot chocolate.  Perfect.DSC05254

It was the perfect day after Christmas getting to walk around this standard picturesque German town.  Plus, I got to call my mom afterward and tell her about it.  She was stationed there in the army 30 years ago, and it has changed a lot since then.  I can’t wait to take her there when she visits in April for my Paris marathon.

Well, I’ve got to hit the sack.  I’ve got a 10 miler on the schedule for tomorrow!

What did you do the day after Christmas??

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  • Michelle@Eatingjourney December 26, 2009, 11:22 pm

    I love finding a Starbucks around the world. Even though I don’t frequent them, there’s something about ‘being at home’ which they bring when you’re away. Enjoy the travelling..I am jealous.

  • Tricia December 28, 2009, 1:37 am

    What a lovely place to shop! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures.

  • Good Taste. Healthy Me December 28, 2009, 5:03 am

    I just love all the architecture. That is so interesting about the dogs in all the restaurants!

  • Marisa December 28, 2009, 8:48 am

    I have driven there just for Starbucks…shhhh don’t tell the husband. I also found another starbucks in Mannheim!


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