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Perfect Day for 12 Miles. NOT! - Geek Turned Athlete

Perfect Day for 12 Miles. NOT!

We had some friends over last night which included 4 glasses of wine/champagne on my part.  I’m a light weight, and thus this was not a smart act to preface a 12 mile run the next morning.

So, this morning, not only did I wake up to a hangover, but also this:DSC05407It was snowing and sleeting.  I called Renee, and totally tried to get out of it.  She said to take it easy if I wanted, but she was going to run anyway.  Well, that got me out of the house even though I had a headache and felt like crap.  I didn’t want her to run by herself in this crappy weather.  I actually started feeling better after the first mile, and the weather started getting better too.DSC05409

It actually stopped snowing for a little while…DSC05411

The sun came out briefly!  DSC05414

Then, in the last 4 miles, the clouds came back over us, and it started coming down hard.  We kept laughing because we inadvertently started snorting snow up our noses as we ran.  The wind was not bad at this point.DSC05415

The last mile, we had a strong head wind with sleet and snow.  It was so bad that we couldn’t see, and it felt like we were moving in slow motion.  We starting laughing again saying this sucks!  That is why I love running with Renee.  Whenever the weather starts getting really bad during our runs, we laugh about how crappy it is.  Clearly, we have an odd sense of humor.  🙂

We just kept pushing back hard against the wind until we got to our 12 mile mark.  I’m glad I ran it though.  I never regret working out.  I always regret NOT working out. Thank you, Renee, for running with me!!

Well, yesterday it was Christmas in January since I got my gift from my Blogging Secret Santa!!  Thank you, Danielle!!   She was probably wondering what was taking so long!  I live in Germany, and things take a long time to get here especially with our APO military address!!DSC05421

She gave me a lotto card, DSC05417

some sipping chocolate (I’m so excited for this!!), a candycane, some tea (can’t wait to try!), and some cookies.  Steve and I ate half the cookies on the way home from the post office yesterday.  They were great!  Thanks again, Danielle!!DSC05420

Another thanks goes out to The Clean Eating Mama for giving me this award:

“Geek Turned Athlete – She is such an inspiration to me and gets me motivated to keep on running and achieving goals!”


I so appreciate it, Tasha!!  And if I can ever be of any help to any of you with your fitness goals, please let me know!!  😉

Right now, I’m snuggling up with Steve and enjoying my snow day!

Happy Running!!! 😉

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  • 'Drea January 3, 2010, 11:00 pm

    Way to get in a workout despite weather conditions et al. I saw a couple running this morning and since the content of a water bottle in my car was frozen, they had all my respect.

    You make a good point about regret and workouts.

  • Good Taste. Healthy Me January 4, 2010, 12:01 am

    nice on getting out there and doing the run! I’m the same way! I always tell myself I should’ve worked out rather than oh, I wish I hadn’t. LOL.

    Such a cute secret Santa gift!

  • Gelareh @ Orange Truffle January 5, 2010, 6:04 pm

    Its always so nice to get an unexpected gift in the mail 🙂

    I finally wrote a post about all the changes I have made in my diet and how it has help with my diegestion here is a link to it

  • Charisa January 6, 2010, 1:38 am

    Enjoy the snow – it is pretty 🙂

  • katie January 6, 2010, 5:27 am

    ahh enjoy your snow! i dont see any here.. ever!


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