FitBloggin’ Conference Recap

This weekend was a blast! The fitness blogging community is really one of a kind. Almost everyone at the conference was so nice and friendly! I got to meet so many beautiful, intelligent, in-shape women that I immediately clicked with. Of course, there were a few of snobby bloggers, but that is to be expected, and I pretty much stayed away from those “batches” anyway. There were also some people that did not look anything like their blogs! That was funny.

When I first arrived, I met up with my roomie, Jackie. She is the sweetest thing on earth! For real! Then, we headed downstairs for the cocktail reception.

There were a few people there who were really dressed up, so I didn’t feel quite out of place! Look babe, I’m actually wearing a dress more than once! Just trying to save you money, hun. hehe. I think at first it was a little awkward, but then the POMtini’s were flowing, and everyone started loosening up.
I totally stole this pic from Caitlin, but she said that I could!
After that, we all decided to go out, and ended up at a very nice restaurant that I’m having a brain fart trying to remember right now. This is me (of course), JackieWhit, and Jessica. Whit and Jessica are great people too! Jessica is freakin’ hilarious!
After a late night out, I headed downstairs to the 5K run at 6:30am. WAY. TOO. EARLY. I’m usually a morning person, but after not getting that much sleep the night before AND having two drinks (yes, I’m a lightweight and an old lady), I was not in the best of moods.
But.. since New Balance gave all the participants new shirts and shoes (the 759), I felt that I had to drag myself out of bed.
And I’m sure glad that I did. It was absolutely gorgeous out.
I started and stayed in the head of the pack, and chatted the entire time with Anne and Caitlin. They are so nice!! I attempted to take some moving pics on this run, and obviously, they didn’t really turn out! We took it easy moving at anywhere from a 7:30-8:15 min/mile pace. It was great to get the blood flowing!
DSC06256.JPG DSC06257.JPG
I was so upset that this came out blurry! Here are some of us at the end!
Just some more shots while the sun was coming up…
After that, the day was filled with different discussion panels and presentations with eating in-between.
During breakfast, these were being passed out! Absolutely hilarious!
They are, I guess, underwear that you pee in standing up instead of having to sit down when you can’t get to a porta potty? Very interesting, and I do plan on trying these suckers out once I get a chance.
This made for some pretty interesting breakfast conversation between CaitlinAbby, and I!
Actually, I just noticed this is a lunch pic! Regardless, we all had a great time!
Bottles of POM were given out all over the place!
The presentations that I went to were:
  • Blogs, Accessibility, and SEO
  • Getting Noticed: How to Pitch to Traditional Media
  • Beyond the Blog: Getting Published
  • Making Money From Your Blog: Should You? Could You? How?


The money making one left me a little uneasy for some reason. I want you guys to be able to trust me, but you need to know that I love trying new things (and giving my opinion) too. I might be doing more reviews in the future.

After the presentations, we all headed out to eat and chat with each other! All very interesting, beautiful ladies!!

Let’s just say the beer and wine were flowing, and this pic pretty much sums up our epic night! It was such a good night!

After taking a while to pull myself from my bed this morning, JulieAbbyCaitlin, me, Jackie,
(I don’t know why I’m so hyperextended in this pic!)
And JessicaCaitlin (absolutely hilarious as well), GracieKatyAnne, and Ali decided to grab some breakfast at Starbucks and eat out by the docks.
I’m trying to catch a flight out to Germany tonight, but I’m basically on stand by so we shall see how things go! Thank you FitBloggin‘ for an amazing conference and a great chance to meet great peeps!
Good bye, Baltimore. I will try to remember your beautiful weather when I am freezing my a$$ off in Germany later this week! I’m anxious to get back to my regular schedule, wrap up my marathon training, and start my half Ironman training!!!
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