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Guest Post: Sandi, the Step Mother-in-Law - Geek Turned Athlete

Guest Post: Sandi, the Step Mother-in-Law

Hey all! I’ve been recovering from my First Half Ironman this past week, doing nothing but some yoga, taught 1 spin class, still unpacking boxes, and school! The plethora of school work has definitely kept me inside when I’ve wanted to go out for a run which is probably a good thing. Plus, I wanted to get my house ready for my dad to come visit this weekend! I foresee another great “Wordless Weekend” post on Monday!

Anyway, since I’ve been so busy this week, my step mother-in-law (who practically jumped at the opportunity) agreed to do a guest post! She is a pretty cool especially since she agreed to go to a co-ed naked spa with me (that I actually failed to mention the naked part until she got to Germany) when I was living in Europe and went to some sexy Jamaican dancing lessons with me in Montego Bay. It’s all about facing your fears and living life, right Sandi? Haha. Anyway, here are some great smoothie suggestions for Foodie Friday!

Hello! I’m Sandi Savell – jokingly (hopefully) referred to as Steve’s wicked stepmother and Nicole’s mother-in-law. Nicole and I began a similar journey at the same time, unbeknownst to either of us until she saw my Facebook entry announcing my major dietary change. We are entering the world of g/f (gluten free). What drove me to this place were severe vitamin deficiencies that were not improving with any medical treatment including prescription strength vitamins and injections. These deficiencies include B-12, ferriten, iron, and Vitamin D. I have also had two small bowel obstructions in the past 15 months which hospitalized me both times. Although I tested negative for celiac with both blood work and stomach biopsy….all of my symptoms screamed gluten intolerance. In the past two months I cheated once with angel hair pasta and felt flu-like symptoms for two days and so I do believe I am on to something here.

My goal is to learn how to eat well, with variety and not live in the kitchen or spend my retirement savings on groceries. There are a number of goals that I need to meet such as regular exercise, weight loss, cutting back oncoffee, etc. But at age 54, I’m tired of multi-tasking and feeling as if I “should” be doing so many things. So this is the current goal….great food, healthy food and food that will also interest and nourish my diabetic husband.

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my recipes. I have weeks where I love being in the kitchen and experimenting – and weeks I feel like flinging a flame thrower into the kitchen thereby eliminating the ability to cook anything at all. But if I find a recipe that is fun to cook and fun to eat; I will gladly share.

Smoothies are my life saving meals. I became “one with the smoothie” after my first obstruction where I couldn’t stand the sight of food for a long time.


Avocado Peach Berry Smoothie

  • buttermilk
  • half an avocado
  • blueberries
  • blackberries
  • ½ banana
  • 1 fresh peach
  • Truvia to your sweetness level
  • almond extract.

P9060511.JPG P9060512.JPG P9060514.JPG

My basic recipe is 8 oz almond milk (unsweetened and unflavored), 4 oz of a dark berry juice, half a frozen banana, a package of Truvia, a handful of another fruit, and a MUFA (either avocado or a dollop of almond butter). Sometimes I add almond or vanilla extract. Coconut milk is a treat once in a while. I have yet to tire of them and experiment a lot right now with all the wonderful fresh fruits that won’t be available for too much longer. However, I did try baked sweet potato in one and also some pumpkin in another and did not like the texture at all.

I miss grabbing a quick sandwich on the run in between clients (I am a home-based massage therapist). But I’m finding that tuna salad or egg salad nestled in a half of a red, yellow or orange bell pepper is perfect for me!

Perhaps between the two of us, there are other gluten-challenged souls out there who may enjoy their meals just a little more with an extra idea or recipe thrown into the mix!

Be well!


Wow Sandi, you definitely gave us some great ideas for a smoothie. I never would have thought to add a sweet potato!

What are you favorite smoothie recipes? Links please!!

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