Robbing a Bank

This was originally posted two days ago, but had problems with my server all night, and when the blog finally went back up, this post was missing along with all of your comments!  Sorry!!

(I’m totally reusing this pic, but it still looked like this yesterday!!)

This past Monday, I started my official Ironman training. Even in 16 degrees, or in 6 degrees. I was out twice yesterday with the puppy. I looked like I was going to rob a bank!

Sexy, no? I’m all nose, I guess. :) Usually I’m okay with wearing some ear warmers while running, but lately the cold here has been so biting that it feels like my face is going to fall off. About 10 minutes into the run, it also feels like I have really bad “brain freeze.”

Bring in: the gator. It is actually my husband’s (thus the ugly military color), and you are actually supposed to wear it over your nose, but I feel like I am suffocating so I don’t wear it that way. It is quite effective in shielding the wind and protecting the delicate skin of my cheeks. ;)

Do you also notice the dog toys on the floor (one is red, one is green)? Those are all over our house! I pray that no one stops by unannounced because I have shredded paper towels and dog toys sprawled all over my house.

Anyway it took me a while, but I finished my Arizona Ironman Training Plan for the year. It starts off slow, then ramps up to 18 hours for some weeks! Ack! Of course, I will build up to that. :) This plan is subject to change throughout the year. I might change training days for certain sports, etc.

I just joined the Spokane Swifts this week too! It is an all girls running team, and there are some pretty fast chicks on it. Remember how I was nervous about doing that? Well, taking into account my goal for this year, I had to join. It will be good for me to run with some chicks who are at my same level running or better. It’ll be a great way for me to improve! Plus, I still need a running partner. I sort of lost my training mojo after moving back to the states last year. I had a solid training group in Germany that I have still to replicate in Spokane.

It feels so good to be training again!!! It is time to get with it!

How is your new year so far? How are your 2011 Resolutions/Goals coming along so far? Have you used a gator before?

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