No More Excuses

I loved your comments from my last post. Some of you made great running partners with your significant others, and some, not so much just like me. I think the hubs and I are fine if we are running on the road, but on a trail, forget it! haha. Plus, my husband can go 6 months without running and still bang out a sub 6 min/mile. I go 2 weeks sans running and wanna puke on the 1st run back. I’m a weakling, I’ll admit it!


This weekend was super motivating for me. On Sunday, I ran with one of my friends from spin class. I’ve been nagging her for weeks to join my tri club, and she finally did this past week. I convinced her to come on a run with some members and myself, and she reluctantly agreed. She showed up to do a 6 miler scared and intimidated to do anything with a tri group, and she totally rocked it out. I’m so proud of her. ;)


The first 3 miles, we ran with two other guys (the other one showed up after picture time), and it was at a pretty fast pace for her, but she hung on for dear life. When we turned around at the 3 mile mark, the other 2 guys kept going, and we were left to take it a little slower. She kept apologizing for how slow we were going, and I told her not to worry. Most of your runs should be slow!! I explained to her that I ran most of my long runs at a 9:20-9:45 min/mile pace before my 1st marathon and still managed a time of 3:48 on race day. If you don’t believe me, read this from a SUPER fast blogger.

We still finished in under an hour, and not to be too redundant, I’m so proud of her!

Since Lauren was so fearless this weekend, it inspired me to get back on track with my swimming. I’ve been avoiding it like the plague. The thing is, I don’t mind swimming and sometimes I even like it. However, it has been weeks, literally, since I’ve been in the pool. The longer I go without the pool, the harder it is go back. Also, I’ve been avoiding going to masters class b/c my tri team switched gyms very recently, and I have been using that excuse that I work out at another gym. Other excuses: I need to get waxed, I need a new swimsuit, I blah blah blah…

Not anymore. NO MORE EXCUSES!! I actually HATE my gym pool. It is dirty all the time, the management doesn’t know what is going on EVER, and the lifeguards are mean and “sheepish.” I used to lifeguard. There is no reason to be a jerk, and if you are able to save someone’s life, you should be able to think on your own. Today, I put in a cancellation request for my membership, and when it runs out, I’m switching to my tri club’s gym. I don’t know why I was clinging onto a gym that I dislike so much! There will be no excuses as to not show up to masters swim now!!

My coach is gone this week in Hawaii to train with some other athletes so this week I’m on my own. I plan to hit up the pool 4 times this week to get me back into it. This is where your help is needed. If you happen to notice me slacking on the pool time this week via my dailymile, feel free to tweet me, comment, whatever!! I’m giving you permission to nag me this week if I slip up!

The good news: I swam today!! That is 1. Got 3 more pool sessions to go!!

Do you make up excuses to get out of doing things you know you should? How do you “cut the crap” and get on with it?

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