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Tips to Work and Get Your Workouts In Too - Geek Turned Athlete

Tips to Work and Get Your Workouts In Too

I posted last week about starting a new job and feeling a little discouraged because I missed a few workouts.  This was because of my migraines last week, but a lot of you said that you were struggling with fitting it all in.  Some of you wrote about some tips that help you follow.  Your tips were great, and along with posting some of yours, I thought I would post some of my own!!


Do you like the Kai snot on the mirror?  Yum.


Here are my tips…

I like getting all my workout/work stuff ready the night before. This pic (above) includes my work clothes, swim crap, and shower stuff for after the swim.


Pack your lunch/snacks the night before. You won’t have time in the morning.  Just get it done before you go to bed.  Trust me on this.  It is much better than having to go get fast food on your lunch break and eating crap because you didn’t plan ahead.  This is actually part of two lunches.  I brought a lot of food (fruit, nuts, protein powder, chia seeds, carbs) to work yesterday for the rest of week, and I needed to add this food to my stash.


Tips from you guys:

Great tips!!  The problem with me last week was all the migraines that I got from not being used to staring at a computer screen for 9 hours at a time!  This week, I’ve been chugging water and taking very short walking breaks every hour to give my eyes a rest in addition to really paying attention to my posture while I’m working on the computer.  This is all so I can make it to my track practice and other workouts.  It has been working!!  Last week, I had 4 migraines.  I don’t want to jinx myself, but no migraines so far this week…;)

Got anymore tips to add??


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  • Annie D @ Annie's Simple Life April 28, 2011, 4:32 am

    GREAT TIPS! Hubby and I are going to try to do a 20 min workout when we get home from work tonight before I even start dinner. Straight home, change clothes, do a Jillian 30 Day Shred or Walk Away the Pounds, THEN eat. Once we sit down to eat, clean up, let our food digest…. there’s no time for a good workout before bed. We’re going to try this to see how it goes!!!
    Annie D @ Annie’s Simple Life recently posted..Food for Thought

  • Sarah for Real April 28, 2011, 11:22 am

    This is something I really struggle with. My work schedule just switched back to 40 hours a week and I just get so tired of always planning, always rushing, always thinking ahead trying to jamb everything in.

    It’s so mentally draining for me. I guess it’s about priorities. My mental calm has been more important than working out lately (which I know for many people, the workout IS the calm… I’m just not there yet, it takes time).

    I’m going to move to France where they work 30 hours a week and take 2 months off every year 😀

    • Nicole April 29, 2011, 11:38 am

      I know what you mean!! And that is one of the reasons I miss living in Europe! 😉

  • Alanna @ Blood, Sweat, and Cupcakes April 28, 2011, 2:08 pm

    I’m so happy to hear things are starting to regulate for you! I’ll be starting a new job next week and I know I’m going to have to implement ALL of these tips, including my own about just not going home! 🙂 I think getting up and taking a walk every hour is such a great way to give yourself a break, I have to remember that one.

    Side note, nice brown leather jacket!
    Alanna @ Blood, Sweat, and Cupcakes recently posted..Royal Wedding Cupcakes

    • Nicole April 29, 2011, 11:54 am

      Thanks! It is actually my husband’s work jacket that he wears with his AF blues uniform. It is nice and warm! Unfortunately, we are still getting snow. ;(


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