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High School Flashback – Geek Turned Athlete

High School Flashback

Wow. It is amazing how 10 years have passed since high school. To tell you the truth, I’m kinda in shock that I will be attending my 10 year reunion on tonight. I really don’t know what to expect either. I’ve noticed many of the “popular” crowd attending via the H.S. Reunion facebook page. I hope the nerds show up!! Otherwise it might just be the hubs and I drinking by ourselves. That wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

High school was NOT the best time in my life. My self-confidence was at an all time low, and to top it off, my family had just moved to Albuquerque the summer before I started my freshman year. I knew no one but my cousin who was the same age. It was rough to say the least. Kids can be so mean!

I was so awkward and clumsy (some of it still hasn’t worn off today :)). My limbs were so long compared to the rest of my body, my face still hadn’t really grown into my nose, my feet were huge, I still had braces, and let’s just say puberty didn’t officially occur until I was 17.

I tripped a lot, got called Pinocchio, Big Nose, and Anorexic (I was an out of shape skinny kid who ate Sonic jr. bacon cheeseburgers with an ocean water or KFC chicken everyday for lunch–I ate, trust me).

Some not so great experiences:

  • I fell down some stairs my freshman year, and as I laid mangled at the bottom of the stairs with my books spread out everywhere on the ground, people just pointed and laughed.
  • Our gym coach left it up to two guys in our P.E. class to pick teams for soccer. I was literally the last person to be picked, and the guy whose team I had to be on threw a fit that I had to be on the team. He called me “useless.”
  • I had been chatting it up with a cheerleader during my chemistry class, and practically did her entire project for her. Once the project was turned in, I no longer existed.
  • I tried out for the swim team when they were taking practically anyone that could float, and they did not take me. All I needed was a little stroke improvement suggestions from the coach. He was an ass.
  • I had my first date my junior year at 17, and I was SOOOO nervous. I was shaking. It was with a senior wrestler, and he invited me out to dinner and for a rented movie at his house. Of course, the only working VCR (yeah, right) was in his parent’s bedroom who happened to be out of town. How convenient!!! I remember lying in bed next to him so nervous about the fact that I knew a kiss was imminent. After the movie, he asked if he could kiss me, and I said, “Okay, if you want to.” It was my first kiss, and it did not go well. I had no clue what to do, and I was so insecure about my braces. I’m laughing right now thinking about this incredibly awkward moment, but it was so traumatizing at the time. I think he gathered from that one kiss that he would not be getting “any” that night. The next week, and I asked him to winter ball and he promptly said no.

I did have some great experiences once I finally started accepting myself for me though. Unfortunately this didn’t come really until my senior year. I got my braces off, and I finally started developing some breasts (“some” is the key word there).

  • I know I sound like a nerd here, but Speech and Debate was going really well for me. I was placing at most tournaments that I went to. I had found a group of friends who liked doing the same things that I did, and we did have some crazy adventures.
  • Theater was going well, and I was completely comfortable taking charge of the happenings on and off stage with several stage manager roles with different plays.
  • People were starting to talk to me more and vise versa, but I think that was the result of the changes within myself. I came out of my shell, and my confidence was growing.

Tips I would give myself to survive high school a little less painfully:

  • Don’t be afraid of who you are. Accept yourself. You are a nerd. Get over it, and if people are so insecure that they have to make fun that, they can go F&*^% themselves. Really.
  • Most teeenagers ARE awkward, and a lot times their insecurities can manifest into mean comments. This has nothing to do with you. It is their problem NOT yours.
  • Enjoy as much as you can. This time will go by fast. Don’t be an angry bitter teenager.
  • Don’t do homework for other people just because you want them to be your friend or anything else that you are not comfortable doing. You would think this would be a “no brainer,” but it is so easy to fall into that trap of wanting to be “popular.” If you have to do things like that just so you will have friends, you will never gain their respect and REAL friendship.
  • Never fall for the “only working VCR in a bedroom” trick. haha. Beware of horny teenage boys. haha. In a few years, those boys who didn’t give you a second look will hit on you in a bar and have no clue who you are.
  • Lay off the junk food!
  • Do something that scares you every day. I do this now, but I wasn’t always like this. I would of joined the track team even though I would have been intimidated. I think I would have been a better runner than I am today had a started earlier than my sophomore year of high school.
  • Listen to your parents.  They know more than you think!

Well, I’m off to hang out with family for the rest of the day before the reunion dinner tonight. We shall see how it goes!! 😉

What was high school like for you?? Did you like it? Were you confident or were you as awkward as me? 😉

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  • Sue @ Sue In Training June 25, 2011, 11:04 am

    Sounds just like my high school life! I’ve always been the awkward, chubby nerd girl. The other kids made fun of me all the time, I had no friends, no dates, etc. Too bad I didn’t grow out of it until college. I was still chubby, but at least starting to have some fun with my fellow nerds.
    My 10 year HS reunion was last year, but I didn’t go there. I knew, that only the ‘cool kids’ would be there, and we didn’t get along back then, so I didn’t think it would be any fun.
    I hope you will have fun at your reunion, though! Show them who’s cool now!

  • Erica June 25, 2011, 11:07 am

    Hope it goes well! I know you and the man will have fun regardless. You are a wonderful and beautiful lady. The experiences weve had with mean people only makes us stronger

  • Monika June 25, 2011, 12:17 pm

    I was so awkward in high school, pretty funny when I look back at it! But, me and my friends had a blast the entire time, so that’s all that counts, really..

    Good luck at your reunion! :)

  • Lisa June 25, 2011, 12:32 pm

    Wait til your 25th…..the hottest guys don’t look so hot AT ALL. And the bully chicks? Yeah, they’re all overweight and unhappy in their marriages. So enjoy your reunion!

  • Pure2raw Twins June 25, 2011, 3:01 pm

    You will rock it!! You are so strong and beautiful :) remember that

    we have our HS 10 year reunion in a few days, but are not able to attend as we are going on vacation. I would have loved to go, but timing was not right

  • sian June 26, 2011, 5:43 am

    I am such a lurker on your site but had to comment on this post…my son is just starting high school and I feel sick for him with this school being 2500 kids from grade 8-12 but I think I need to print this post for him because I felt just like you.
    The time does go fast and it really isn’t like the ‘real’ world. Thanks so much for your honesty.

  • Zoey June 26, 2011, 8:02 am

    What an honest retrospection of how HS might have been for you. thanks for opening up. I had my HS reunion about 4 years ago and even though I was part of the chubby nerdy-not-popular bunch of people, I still had a good time at the reunion. I took pleasure in seeing what some of the beautiful popular girls had become (divorced, fat and ugly) and it was interesting to see they were “human” again! Hope it went well for you.

  • Sarah June 27, 2011, 7:20 am

    I love this post!! It’s so honest and so true. High school is your world when your there and you really can’t see 2 inches in front of your face. I was the yearbook nerd running around school with a camera and doing interviews all the time.

    I graduated 2 years ago and I really can’t believe it’s been that long. I feel like my 10 year reunion will be here before I know.

  • Kim June 27, 2011, 10:49 am

    I don’t think I hated high school while I was there, but when I look back at it I just HATE it. I hate how mean girls are and all of the other bad things. This was a great post, and it’s always comforting to hear of others who had a less than perfect time in HS.

  • Alanna @ Blood, Sweat, and Cupcakes June 27, 2011, 2:59 pm

    I had some really rough times in highschool. I was certainly not popular, but I wasn’t teased or picked on half as much as some of the other kids. I was lucky to have had some great girlfriends in highschool who were a lot like me, and who I’m still friends with all these years later :) I certainly would never want to go back to highschool, ever! Such an awkward time.

  • Mom June 28, 2011, 4:08 pm

    Hm…hm. Well, to say the least, after having read your latest blog, “High School Flashback,” it made me feel extremely sad to read about your negative experiences. A parent never wants their child to suffer in any way, shape or form!

    I can certainly empathize with your feelings, Nicole, about the difficulties caused by relocating at the onset of your high school years. It’s not easy to begin making friends all over again, and all but impossible to be accepted by those who have already been bonding for several years.

    I, too, remember those high school years with my daughters—sharing the good and the bad times with them, laughing and crying with them, and reassuring them that, “it wouldn’t be like this forever.”

    And it makes me smile when I think about my “special” little girls now, and how they’ve blossomed into intelligent and beautiful women, both inside and out. I’m so grateful they weren’t “popular” in high school! During those years, I tried to impress upon them how very “special” they are, and what happens outwardly in their lives is not as important as what happens inside you—your inner spirit. The experiences endured in high school built character, and the strength reaped from those experiences will always serve you well.


  • Katy @ MonsterProof June 30, 2011, 4:19 pm

    A lot of that sounds like me, though, I guess I relished my dorkiness at times? I certainly fell down the stairs, and wasn’t the most popular, but I held my own, I suppose. I was a stick, but had developed TOO much, and wore baggy clothes to cover up that and my pale skin. So, I got labelled as a “skater” or a “druggie”…and neither was true. I rejoiced a couple years later when one of the mean, popular boys tried to hit on me at a bar, and I got to shoot him down. 😉


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