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It's Getting Closer!! – Geek Turned Athlete

It’s Getting Closer!!

This weekend included lots of swimming,

IMG_0226.JPG IMG_0227.jpg

and riding. On Saturday, I was supposed to ride for about 6 hours. It was freaking cold out. I believe it was foggy and about 42 degrees. That doesn’t sound too bad if you are running, but it is bone chilling when you are riding your bike. And I don’t care if you say, “Well, it isn’t cold if you dress appropriately.” Nope. I don’t like it one bit. Maybe the fact that I couldn’t see around some turns because of the fog, the road being wet, and the pedals feeling so hard to push made the first three and a half hours pure hell. I was moody, cold, and scared that I was going to fall off my bike for what seemed to last forever. EVERYTHING set me off. The newly chip sealed road that I had to ride on for about 10 minutes made me so irritable that I was cussing at the road. The only thing that kept me going was the pit stop of Starbucks and a friend that was meeting me for another 2 hours of riding around 1pm.


When I road up to the Starbucks and saw my friend, Phil, I was in tears, and I didn’t know why. It literally felt like all my training this year had disappeared. Why did I feel like starting a fight with a tree, the chip sealed road, the hills, my bike?? My swim went so well before the ride. I didn’t get how my mood had changed so drastically.


Phil totally calmed me down, and told me that was normal!!! What????! He said that the last few weeks of heavy hard training for Ironman, EVERYONE feels irritable and tired, not to mention a little emotionally unstable. Oh good. He said that if I wasn’t feeling that way now, I wasn’t training enough. I have to say that I was very relieved. The half caf grande 2 pump vanilla soy carmel macchiato probably helped a little too. The sun finally came out while we were sitting there talking. In 20 minutes, my mood changed from wanting to quit then and there to wanting to finish out our ride. And that is what we did!! I was able to take off my heavy jacket too.


The hills still sucked, and my legs were exhausted by the time we got to my house. At least the company made the time go by quickly! As my husband was putting my bike away, he asked me if I was aware that my brake was rubbing up against my front tire. Hmmmm. Well, it just all suddenly made sense!!! Haha. I just had to laugh. No wonder my ride seemed so difficult. My brake was rubbing on my tire the entire time. How did I not notice that? Yikes.

After that, Phil and I changed into our running clothes, and it was time for me to actually be better than him at a sport. :) He is a phenomenal cyclist, and my hard rides are merely “recovery” rides for him. We just did a 2 mile loop around my neighborhood which included a 6:45 min/mile paced sprint running down my street. My legs felt great despite grinding away on my bike for 5 1/2 hours! I was just happy to be off the bike!! Thanks, Phil for pushing me in our workouts!!

Sunday included a 75 minute run with my tri team at a pretty good pace followed by Starbucks as well. I was supposed to run for about 3 hours instead, but I know when to say no. My pelvic muscle injury is still hurting off and on, and I decided to just stretch and do some physical therapy exercises when I got home.

I still cannot believe that I will be competing at IMAZ in less than 5 weeks. It is so surreal to me. Every single time I think about crossing that finish line, I tear up just a little. Now, that may be the lack of adequate sleep that I have been getting lately, but I’m so excited. I know that I can do this thing. Although I didn’t train as much as I wanted to this year for it, I know I put in enough to complete it in a descent time. I’ve got one more hard weekend in front of me, and then it is taper time!!!

P.S. I know you guys are waiting for my Portland Marathon race recap. It is coming on Thursday or Friday. I had to wait on the race pics!

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  • Shannon @ Mon Amour October 18, 2011, 6:45 am

    I hate biking in the cold too. I would much rather park my butt on my trainer inside with a good movie or two
    Shannon @ Mon Amour recently posted..Some Final Thoughts About the Baltimore Half Marathon

    • Nicole October 21, 2011, 6:44 am

      Oh, I cannot wait for the off season!

  • Beth October 18, 2011, 12:46 pm

    That is so exciting! You really are almost done with the hard training and can enjoy a few weeks of taper before the big event. Fortunately, you will not have to contend with cold temps in Arizona :)
    Beth recently posted..#Workoutslut Wekend

  • Lisa October 18, 2011, 2:35 pm

    I felt mentally fatigued just reading this! I hope you feel better before your race. Sometimes I can be super excited about a race before it comes, sometimes it can just stress me out! Then I feel weird aches and lethargy. :(

  • Jacquie October 18, 2011, 3:21 pm

    You are so strong my dear! I’m so proud of you and know you’re going to do wonderfully! xo
    Jacquie recently posted..sparkle

    • Nicole October 21, 2011, 6:44 am

      Thanks lady! I am so behind on my google reader that I did not know that you started a new site! It looks lovely!

  • That Pink Girl October 18, 2011, 7:08 pm

    No wonder it was so difficult! I’m stand in awe of you. 6 hours on the bike…and that wasn’t your only workout of the day. You are a super woman!!!
    That Pink Girl recently posted..Listen to This


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