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I'm Ready – Geek Turned Athlete

I’m Ready

Hey guys! I’ve been lost in the black hole that is college!!! I’m taking 17 credit hours this semester, and I’m determined to get straight A’s in order to get into PA school. Along with that, I am starting shadowing a PA 8 hours/week on Tuesday for the next 3 months and helping to coach a Girls on the Run team here in San Antonio 4-6 hours/week starting this week for the next 10 weeks as well. Things are a little crazy, but when are they not with me?

I’m not working, and I find it absurd that I thought I could take 18 hours, have two jobs, volunteer, and get good grades when I was a college freshman back in 2001. Some people are very focused, and they can get straight A’s with all of that workload, but I’m NOT! I’m very fortunate that I don’t have to work this time around to make ends meet financially, but we have cut things down to the minimum in order to make it work! It also helps that we paid for our Thanksgiving cruise the beginning of this year when I had a full time job otherwise we wouldn’t be going. 😉

As for training, I hadn’t posted much since my Ironman because I was just flat burned out mentally and physically. I have been experiencing tendonitis behind my left knee since the race, and I have wanted to rest it. When I thought it might be better, I started running 3x/week for 20 minutes VERY slowly. It still hurts. So annoying. I might actually have to go into the doctor and have them have a look at it. My knee, however, did do very well on my first bike ride since Ironman (2 months later) last weekend. It was Leah’s first ride out as well!

My bike was still really dirty, and it still had my Ironman number on it. Yikes.


We headed down to the Riverwalk because we heard that there was a bike trail on it. We were sadly mistaken. There were tons of runners, and the sidewalk was VERY narrow.


The picture above was taken right before I crashed into some bushes. Don’t worry, I’m fine. It just bruised up the nether region a bit. The sidewalk got about half this width a little bit further in.


After 30 minutes and only 3 miles ridden, we decided to get off the beautiful path, and hit the road. Dodging runners was not fun anymore.


After our ride, we decided to stop for some mimosas and lunch. It ended up being the perfect outing that wouldn’t really be considered a “training” ride by any means, but at least we got the blood flowing and then got to catch up with lunch.  It also made me want to make take the bike out again to ride it.  Baby steps!


In between walking/running the dogs, I have also been working out via ZWOW’s that were suggested on the Purely Twins website. Zuzana kicks my butt in 15-30 minutes. It is just enough time to make me feel like I got a workout in. I have no desire to get in 6-8 hour workouts for a while!  Don’t let the times fool you.  These are hard!!!!

When the hubs is in town, we try to work out together when our schedules allow it. When we do, we have been doing Rescue Athlete workouts. They are really similar to crossfit workouts. If we weren’t trying to cut our budget so much due to me not working, I would definitely want to join a crossfit gym here in town. I know that seems to be all the rage on the blogs now, but goodness, I’m still moderately burned out from chronic cardio due to Ironman training.  At least I’m ready to do some actual workouts now where I’m pushing myself like in Rescue Athlete or ZWOWS.

I’ve also been looking for a good (inexpensive) yoga studio that offers either a military or student discount. If any of you who live in San Antonio are reading this, and you could recommend a good yoga studio, please comment below! I need your help!  I think some good stretching will help my knee better than a Crossfit/Rescue Athlete approach right now though.  I suck at stretching on my own so yoga is definitely needed.

What have you guys been up to?? For those of you who went to college, did you have a job? Did it affect your grades? Any other suggestions of new workouts I should try that are cheap?

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  • Lisa September 24, 2012, 9:54 am

    I love your pictures! GOOD LUCK!!!! I know you can do it!

    (I did a metric century ride yesterday and saw several people with Ironman jerseys. I thought of you and Frayed Laces.) :)
    Lisa recently posted..A Peach of a Century, Part 1

    • Nicole September 24, 2012, 9:55 am

      Awe, thank you!! 😉

  • Quix September 24, 2012, 10:11 am

    Both years, I’ve shelved my bike after the last tri of the year and find the number on there in the spring after vowing that I’ll take evilbike out for some winter rides on nice days. Hopefully not this year! I’ve got Kerrville 70.3 this weekend (eep!) and then RnR San Antonio Marathon (my first full, eeepx10). And then I’m taking up underwater basket weaving. Or leisurely rides to get brunch like you’re doing, one of the two :).
    Quix recently posted..Epic Vacation Pt 1 – Seattle, Nuptials, and Sailing North!

  • lindsay September 24, 2012, 12:47 pm

    i so wish you were in austin. That is all. Glad you are getting back to your groove. Love the ZWOW!
    lindsay recently posted..Sherpa Scenes and Eats: Bahamas


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