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Family Pics in Albuquerque – Geek Turned Athlete

Family Pics in Albuquerque

I just want to start off by saying, thank you all so much for your support concerning my last post! We really appreciate it. 😉

I finished school off for the semester about a week and a half ago, had a couple of days to clean my house and attend a PA application orientation at the UT Health Science Center San Antonio, then we were off to Albuquerque for family pictures. My grandfather is not doing well healthwise, and he wanted one “last” family picture.

Since were not counting on going out of town earlier this month due to the memorial, putting the dogs in a kennel was just not in our budget. It took us 12 long hours to get to Albuquerque with Kay and Fay in the car.


Of course, Kai needed to know exactly where we were going for the first 5 hours of the trip.


Fay could care less.


While were there, we ran about 3 miles a day. I needed to tire them out since we were staying with one of my best friends in her new house, and I was so paranoid about them chewing up things when we left to run errands during the day. They did great!


On the last day we were in Albuquerque, all 27 family members ventured out into the Bosque on the north side of Albuquerque for pictures. You think your family is difficult? Mine is like herding cats. The photographer did a great job at corralling everyone together! These are just some random pics from my iPhone and my sister’s camera…




I love this one…


As always, my trips to Albquerque go by so fast! We were so proud of the dogs. They were so well behaved. Maybe we are almost out of the puppy stage?! :)


They were exhausted on the ride home! Too many new people and new things!


In other news, I have a gluten free skin care line review later this week, and I signed up for a 10K that is in 3 weeks. Ack!!! I guess I better start running seriously! lol

P.S. What do you think of the new blog design??  I’m loving the change!

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