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Gusto 8K Race Recap – Geek Turned Athlete

Gusto 8K Race Recap

So the Gusto Run was my first race of 2013, and let me tell you, it was VERY laid back. Considering that my doctor told me to “find new friends” when I told her that I liked running, biking, and swimming, I don’t think she would be down with me racing. However, I REALLY wanted a race to work towards and give me motivation to work out. I told myself that I would just take this race “easy.” And that is what I did. I didn’t lay out any of my clothes the night before or get any thing ready. It was 5 miles for goodness sakes, much different from my last race of an Ironman. haha.

As usual, when I don’t get all my race stuff out the night before, I’m running around the house like a crazy person trying to collect all the items needed for racing. I hadn’t even picked up my race packet the day before. We arrived at the venue 15 minutes before the race started, and I had to run to the check-in tables to get my timing chip and my race packet squared away in addition to changing my distance from the 15K to the 8K. I thought my doctor might kill me if she found out that I was running a 15K.


Anyway, my legs felt great before the race especially since I had run once that week and once the week before. My husband likes to call that “well rested” instead of NOT TRAINED. Like I’ve said before regarding this year, I’m not killing myself training. My body needs a break, and more importantly I need to heal my IBS issues.

Speaking of that, my stomach was surprisingly angry when I woke up that morning. I have decided to take myself off of hormonal contraception at the suggestion of my doc which has caused me to practically gain 5 pounds of water weight overnight and weird bloating (ie. I felt like a marshmellow). Unfortunately, this all appeared in my middle region that morning which you will see in the pictures.  No, I’m not pregnant.


We decided to bring the weimies to get them used to more public outings. 😉 They did well!


This was the start of the race. Do you see everyone pressing START on their watches? That was NOT me for this race. In the mad scramble to get out of the house that morning, I left my garmin at home. That is what I get for not laying out all my stuff the night before. It was kinda for the better though. I ran off of “feel” for the race instead of sticking to a particular pace.


Do you see me? I’m behind the woman in the green tank top. You can see my stick arm behind her normal arm. 😉


The first mile was great. I was weaving in between people. I stopped to tie my shoe, then weaved in and out of the same crowd of people that I had just passed. We had some downhills in which people were slowing down. I wanted to tell everyone that they should actually be going faster down the hills. Let gravity take you down!!! I had tons of energy.

Then, mile 2 came. I was starting to feel the humidity. The air was so thick that it almost felt like I was suffocating. I passed the first water station and just kept running. It felt great to be racing again despite not being able to breathe and even if I wasn’t technically “racing.” So many people had head phones on. The one item I actually meant to leave at home was my earphone set for my iPhone. I wanted to take in everything from this race. I didn’t miss them at all.

Most of the race course was in the shade which was good, but the air was so hot and humid with no breeze which was bad. I will also admit that I am a wimp in the heat. I’m sure many of the native Texans were loving the temps in the 80’s. Regardless, I slowly continued passing people one at a time. It is a little game I like to play during races of how many people I can pick off. :)

At mile 3, I managed to come upon a nice guy in a camelback (Camelback Guy). I said, “Hey” as I passed him, and he said, “Hey!” back. I could hear him behind me for a while but then the sound of his footsteps faded away.


At mile 4, my body felt like it was overheating, and I was starting to get dizzy. Ooops. I needed to slow it down a bit. Of course, I had no idea how fast I was going. I stopped at the water station to get some water and walked for about 15 seconds to cool down. I only had one more mile to go. The Camelback Guy passed me. I passed him a minute later.

Pretty soon, I was a few minutes from the finish line. My husband was waiting for me,  and when he saw me, he started yelling at me that a guy in a camelback was trying to pass me, and that I better hurry up. I just giggled. Of course the Camelback Guy could hear all of that. My husband is always trying to embarrass me!!!!


The Camelback Guy caught up to me where I apologized for my husband. He just laughed and said it was okay. Apparently he was also coming back to racing from an injury.  I wasn’t the only one!

As we crossed the finish line, the announcer yelled, “Oh look!! We have a couple crossing together!!!” My little running buddy and I just looked at each other and laughed!! We both pushed each other a little towards the end of the race.


It turns out that my little “relaxed” run yielded me 4th place in my age group and 10th woman overall. I was laughing at this because my minute/mile time for this race was much slower than my average minute/mile for my first marathon. Awe, patience grasshopper, patience!!!!

I actually had a great time at this race. It was short, laid back, and had a beautiful course. I’ve been so paranoid about getting re-injured that I haven’t really wanted to do any races, but think it was the perfect race to get me back into the groove this year!

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  • Maggs July 19, 2013, 1:56 pm

    Nice job on the race!

  • Amy July 19, 2013, 3:38 pm

    Congratulations on the race. I’m a third of the way through a Couch to 5k program after injury from a marathon and a baby-it feels great to be back, doesn’t it??

    • Nicole July 20, 2013, 7:13 pm

      Yes, it does! And go you!


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