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Things I'm Loving Right Now – Geek Turned Athlete

Things I’m Loving Right Now

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a great weekend. We just hung out around the house cleaning and relaxing. It was nice. I went on a nice little walk on Sunday with the weimies. There is a lake near our house, and the dogs love it! So, I guess the one thing the dogs are loving now is the lake.  Kai is finally starting to fill out as well. It amazes me how big is is!


Now, lets get to what I’m loving now. 😉

My new Saucony’s!!!


I was on the saucony website for hours trying to decide which shoes to buy. I came across the Kinvara trail runners. The first time I wore them was actually my “race” last weekend. Since I wasn’t going for any PR, and I knew it was just going to be kinda a training run, it worked out really well. The shoes don’t seem as heavy as most trail runners, and the toe box is also narrower than most.

Plus, I’m loving this extra feature:


Sweat pads!!! This is perfect for running in the humid Texas heat! Plus, the colors are awesome. I have gotten tons of compliments on them so far.  I’m a huge fan of Saucony.  Their shoes have carried me through 2 Ironmans and many other races with no foot issues.  Love them.



Bestowed actually sent me one of their boxes to review a month ago, but it was a couple of days before I started the Myers Way so I haven’t been able to enjoy all the goodies. However, I have been using the Herban Essentials Wipes to clean my hands when I’m out instead of hand sanitizer; the hubs loves the Roasted Seaweed snacks; I drank the ZICO coconut water after one of my runs, and the true bar was quite tasty. I like that this box of goodies mostly contains items that I feel comfortable trying. You can sign up to receive a box a month for $19 a month. I think it is a great way to try new products that are coming out in the market.

Bestowed is offering Geek Turned Athlete readers $5 off their first subscription box with the discount code: 5OFFBSTOWED01 (US-only).  Whoop!


Essie Nail Polish

I was wandering around Walgreens a couple of weeks ago looking for some new nail polish, and I came across Essie Nail Polish. I kept seeing it on Pinterest, but I usually went with Sally Hansen’s Complete Manicure. These colors looked interesting so I decided to give a try. I also picked up a clear no chip top coat. I will never go back. This polish is awesome. It goes on kind of thin, but I think that is a good thing in order to avoid bubbles. This stuff stays on your nails really well. By the end of 7 days, I had a teeny tiny chip on one of my nails (that really no one but me would even notice), but the rest were perfect. I didn’t even wear gloves while doing the dishes all that week. It is worth the extra money for these little bottles especially if you don’t do and/or can’t afford UV gel nails.



Skin So Soft

My grandma had sold Avon for over 30 years until she passed away a few years ago. She slathered my sister and I with it when we went out to visit her and my dad in Seattle every summer as kids. She was always touting how it would keep us from getting bitten from all the mosquitos. I never believed her until I found a bottle of Skin So Soft oil this summer under my sink after getting at least 10 bites at a baseball game. I tried it on our next few outings including an evening race that I happened to be volunteering at for Girls on the Run where people were being eaten alive by the mosquitos. Normally, the mosquitos love me, but I walked away that night without a single bite. This stuff works. 😉 Plus, the smell reminds me of my grandma, and it is a lot better for you than spraying yourself with OFF. I guess she wasn’t making it up.



Any new products you have been loving lately?  Please share!

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