Farewell…Kind Of…

As you may have noticed, I sort of dropped off the side of the earth the last few months. And lets just face it, my posts have kinda sucked for the past year as well. I’m sorry for that. My heart isn’t in it anymore. I tried to force it, but similar to a guy who looks good on paper only, it is kinda hard to act like you like him if there is no chemistry. I have chosen to hang out with family and friends instead of blogging. For me, blogging started as a way to journal about my athletic journey starting in Germany over the “interwebs.” It was also a way of chronicling my travels through Europe as a military spouse. Since then, my husband and I have moved back to the states. I have so many things going on in my life that have nothing to do with blogging.

I’m not saying that in a “I’m so much more important than you” kind of way. All I’m saying is that after working the night shift at the hospital full time, working on PA application stuff, volunteering, going to school, training for my first race of the year (a half marathon), strength training (I’m determined to get a butt you can bounce a quarter off of, but really it is so I can stay injury free while running), hanging out with my husband, friends, and dogs, there isn’t much left of me to go around. If I do have extra time, I would rather just sit outside with a glass of wine and enjoy the peace and quiet (of my dogs barking at squirrels) or cuddling with my family on the couch watching an episode of Supernatural or Being Human. After 30 years in existence, I’m finally honing the art of saying “no” and setting priorities that are important to me. I’m sad to say blogging just isn’t a priority for me anymore.

Thank you for the emails and comments asking if I’m still alive or okay. I’m doing really well actually. My IBS and other issues are slowly healing. The hubs and I are more in love than ever, and the dogs are still spoiled. I’m inching closer to my goal of becoming a physician assistant. It is moving a little slower than I would prefer, but I’m moving forward, and that is what is important.

I may feel the urge to blog every once in a while and that is why I haven’t gotten rid of my website for good. In the meantime, if you don’t hate me for my crappy posts and for the nonexistent posts lately, you can catch me on Instagram. I post some of my meals, recipes, quotes, workout selfies, weim selfies, lame stuff like that, if you are interested. :)

In case you decide to delete my website out of your feedly, please take this message with you:

Do what you love. Life is too short to keep doing something (or someone — ha) that you hate. This goes for everything like careers, spouses, or working out. For instance, if you hate running, find something that you do like doing to workout. There is NO “best” activity. Just keep moving.

Also, you, yes YOU, are stronger than you think you are.  You are capable of achieving so much in this world.  Never forget that.  Don’t let negativity bring you down whether it is coming from yourself or others.  It is wasted energy.

Thank you for reading!!!!!!  Thank you for inspiring me to follow my dreams.  All of your encouragement over the years has made a huge difference in my life.

Happy Running!!! (or whatever you are into)

The puppies send their cuddles to you!


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